Girls day out

Shopaholic? Me? Never! Okay, maybe a little. Anyway, when myself and Megan (click to check out her blog!) were invited to Lakeside last week for a bit of a shopping splurge of course I said yes (with happy tears of joy running down my face!) I often see Megan in passing, so it was really nice to be able to spend the whole day together, spending some quality time doing what we do best.. SHOPPING! Off we popped to intu Lakeside, which is actually pretty close to where I live, so I am definitely a regular. The first stop when we arrived was the intu Customer Lounge which is super handy for shoppers – You can charge your phone, use the tablets to search for items in the shop and even just have a bit of a sit down on the cosy sofas. There’s also a personal stylist which was my favourite part…

So, the personal stylist service at Lakeside is completely free, which I found very surprising as it’s something I always thought would be pretty expensive. Not only this, you’re actually not tied into buying anything either, so you don’t have to panic if you can’t find an outfit you like (which, is very unlikely anyway!) The personal stylist is based in the customer lounge, in a private (and very pretty) purple changing area, which also has a separate changing room, so no one will see you trying on clothes. The stylists are very clued up and gave us this leaflet all about body shapes – I learnt that I was a pear and it lists the clothes you should be looking out for, which I found super helpful!

Then it was lunch… and there is so much choice! We nipped up to the food court first of all because we wanted something quick inbetween shops. Five Guys was the first food place we came across and I’m so glad we did! It was my first experience at a Five Guys and they even made me a gluten free lettuce wrap burger, which was delightful! You can fill up your drink too with a nifty little machine – I chose Cherry Coke, of course.

Then, lastly at about 10pm (yes!) we went for dinner! My favourite place to eat at Lakeside is the Board Walk, which is just beautiful. Located on the lake there is lovely choice of restaurants, catering for everyone. We chose Wagamamas because well, everyone loves noodles! Again they are really good with gluten free if you suffer from an allergy like me – the manager made sure my pad thai noodles were wheat free and they tasted so good!

So to summarise this post, if you’re looking for a girly day out with your friends, your mum or simply just on your own – Lakeside is perfect for this. Myself and Megan spent the whole day shopping, with breaks for lunch and dinner, which gives you time to chill out and rest up. We left the shopping center at 10pm and the day just flew by. It’s definitely my favourite place to pop in to when I need a new outfit (I say need.. it’s more want..) and as it’s open so late, my boyfriend and I even nip in after work, which again is super handy. Have you ever visited Lakeside? If so, let me know in the comments! 🙂 A massive thank you to intu Lakeside for a lovely day out with my blogger babe Megs – we had the best day!

And if you’re wondering what we brought.. don’t worry there is a joint haul on my YouTube channel which you can watch below (also, catch the vlog of the day over on Megan‘s!)


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OMG the Five Guys looked amazing – boo 🙁 about not having a gluten free bun but I always love lettuce wraps anyway. Love that you guys shopped until 10pm!!! Gx

LOL! I love that you ladies went for both lunch and dinner. It’s 21:20 and I haven’t eaten dinner yet so forgive me for drooling at the sight of Five Guys Xx