The half up, half down ‘do is one of my all time favourite quick fixes. It’s the perfect hairstyle for dirty hair (I can even get away with this on day 3/4) and literally takes about 5 seconds to create, honest.


Simply grab the top section of hair (as much or as little as you want in the bun) and get a hair tie. Tie the hair up as if you were going to put it into a ponytail, but don’t pull at the hair through. Instead, pull only a little through, and carry on wrapping the hair tie around the hair, creating a bun. Use some grips to tuck away any loose bits, and create a nice shape. Voila, done and dusted. Pull bits out to frame the face, or leave it all back like I have above. You can make this look as neat or as messy as you like, depending on your own style or the occasion!


I’m wearing:
Top – Topshop | Lips – Up The Amp, MAC