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I get a lot of questions about my hair, especially over on my YouTube and Instagram accounts. So, I thought it was about time I did a post on the two most frequently asked questions I get asked – I can then point them all to one place. Genius, I know. Here goes…


What is ombre hair and how do I get it? Ombre hair is when your hair gets lighter (or in some cases, darker) towards the bottom of your hair – mine, as you can see, get’s blonder towards the ends. The brown part of my hair is my natural colour and just the ends are bleached and toned (to create a lighter blonde) To get this look, I visited the hairdresser because home dying is not one of my best skills (no, really) but there are many kits that can be used if you’re a little more confident than I am! This one for example is pretty good!


How has your hair grown so fast?This time last year, this was my hair. As you can see it’s a lot shorter! I’m not quite sure how it’s grown so long so fast, but I have been making a special effort to look after it and go for regular trims (apparently that helps!) Also, a little saviour for me was this amazing Lee Stafford miracle growth range, which helped give my hair a little boost. Drinking lot’s of water and a healthy diet also really helps as well as patience, it doesn’t happen overnight (sadly for us!)


 I hope that answered some of your questions. I absolutely love the benefits of having ombre hair (hello needing no root touch-ups) and it’s definitely a brilliant beachy look for Summer.


Top – Zara | Lips – Up The Amp, Mac

You look so beaut! Love that top too 🙂

Robyn x

You and your hair are gorgeous! <3 I love ombre hair and am currently contemplating getting it back. I'm just so afraid the ends will dry out again, since I'm not great at looking after my hair.

You have such nice hair- it suits you so much! Also that pattern on your top is so cute!
Caroline –

Your hair colour looks so lovely and natural – it’s subtle and not too obvious! x


Wow, amazing! Love the photos x

looks so amazing! lovely pictures also

I am trying to grow my hair out for ages now, but I feel like it isn’t growing at all…

Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

I am IN LOVE with your hair, it always looks so lovely and effortless! Love your videos too Laura, you’re definitely one of my favourite Youtubers to watch x