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Well hello there first Picks of the Week for 2015! So, gold. How we all crave thee. Well actually, I am more of a silver girl personally.. but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need some gold in my life. Like a pirate, I’d never say no to gold treasure (I obviously made up that cringe worthy saying.. I’m so sorry) Anyway, I was having a little browse through the Levison Jewelers website recently and came across these beautiful gold pieces and instantly fell in love. I love the gold tones mixed with simplistic shapes and links – for me, simple jewellery is the way forward. Gold is always something I’d pair with an all black/brown outfit and there’s something about it that oozes class and sophistication, I’m always up for a little bit of that!

First things first, this hoop bracelet is the perfect mix of gold and black, with a simple yet effective twist. I like the fact that it has hints of black also, this would ‘jazz up’ an all black outfit in seconds. Another of my favourite pieces is this multi cluster ring which again is an effective piece that can be worn alone and still make a statement (you literally need no other ring with this!) Paint those nails gold and you’re onto a winner. Lastly, this bangle will again spruce up an outfit in seconds, on holiday with a maxi dress.. it reminds me of a slight Cleopatra styled bangle, she’d totally dig it.

Do you prefer gold or silver? 

*This is a sponsored collaboration post with Levison Jewelers, all views my own

I love gold, it definitely suits my skintone more and that gorgeous tibet ring is just insane. One day hey 😉 Gx

I just started getting into gold jewelry as I am on a gold color kick but I do prefer silver rings. Love your picks by the way.

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