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Way back in 2006 I sat down at my desk and created Tiny Twisst. I was still at University, so it was simply a place for me to avoid doing any work and to write about the makeup I had bought with money I didn’t really have to spend. I never really ‘got into it’ much and it became a little abandoned. However, six years later on one rainy weekend (and probably after a few glasses of wine) I deleted every single post and started over again. I spent that whole week designing, researching, taking outfit photos and posted my first ever outfit post – I quite enjoyed it. (just look how young I look here, aww!) So, that’s when Tiny Twisst became a fashion blog, and that’s also when I began to love it.
Never did I think that just a few years later this little Internet space would not only be part of my job, but also my absolute passion. Writing posts and knowing that you guys read and enjoy them literally makes my day. You guys inspire me to always do better, and I like that.
This brings me to YouTube. I was working in London at the beginning of this year and got made redundant (which I didn’t mind, the job wasn’t much fun) This gave me more time to put into videos and when I hit my first 5,000 subscribers I was over the freakin’ moon. In July, I hit 10,000 subscribers and made this celebration video, again, I was pretty happy about this.. as you can see.
3 months later bring us to today, and well.. I just reached 20,000 subscribers, which I guess might explain this post. Now, I know it’s not millions like some but I am still stunned that twenty thousand people watch my videos, some of those follow me on social media, read my blog.. it’s just completely unbelievable. You really don’t know what this blog, you guys and everything else has done for me – Tiny Twisst was one of the little flickering lights at the end of a pretty dark, miserable tunnel, so I want to say thank you, to each and every one of you.



Awwh congratulations babe.

That is totally what a blog is about, being true to yourself x

Congratulations lovely! 20,000 subscribers, that’s amazing!

Hayley xo | Sailor Stories

Congratulations on having 20,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel! That’s amazing! I only have 144 subscribers on my own YouTube channel. You’re very popular! I love the outfit posts you’ve done here on your blog.

That’s an amazing milestone, Laura! Congrats! 🙂


Well done, it’s a huge achievement! 🙂

Wow! That is amazing! Congratulations x