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 photo CAMERABAG1_zpsaecf4540.jpgCamera Bag –¬†Ohneed*

If there’s one thing I have noticed by being a female fashion conscious photographer – it’s that most camera bags are really damn boring. Sure, it’s not really that important (after all, it doesn’t really affect the camera itself..) but sometimes in life we just want something eye-pleasing to carry our little photographing machines around in… that’s when this little gem comes in.

Ohneed kindly offered to send me a camera bag for a review and when I had a look at the online store you might say I was overjoyed at the wonderful choice – finally visually pleasing camera bags in wide array of glorious colours, photographer heaven.

I picked out this cream coloured satchel camera bag. Firstly I love the vintage styling – it has a beautifully retro vibe about it. Not only is it extremely handy but it could also double up as a handbag/travel bag as the inserts are removable. I did wonder whether the quality would feel good enough to carry my monster camera around in, and it definitely does – this is one strong bag and I have complete faith in it. Not only is it a wonderful treat for yourself (go on, spoil yourself..) I think this would make a fantastic present for someone that’s into photography, it’s definitely a unique buy.


Probably the nicest camera bag I have ever seen soooo much better than mine!! xx

I was on the hunt for something like this to carry my camera around, I found that traditional camera bags were too bulky and tourist-looking. Will definitely be looking into the company!

Isabel x
Monochrome Magpie

What a beauuutiful bag, I need it xxx

OMG SOLD!!! I need this. This is just what I have been looking for. I think I’m in love with it.

Beth x

Finally – i’ve been waiting for a nice camera bag for years.

Jazzie x

Love this! Looks so much better than the normal camera bag.. mine is slightly (alot) less attractive! xx

This is literally beautiful, beats my ugly canvas one!! *adds to shopping list* xx

ok wow this is seriously the cutest camera bag I have ever seen! Going to get myself one now!

Emma | With A City Dream