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Recently Mecca Bingo asked me to come up with my Top 5 favourite moments from a TV series. My first instinct was to list scenes from Game of Thrones, however not everyone is quite up to date and I didn’t want to be one of those awful spoiler people. Now, obviously I watch Game of Thrones for the compelling story line and brilliantly dramatic character deaths.. BUT, I also quite like the hair…
So here it is, my top 5 Game of Thrones hairstyles. Completely girly of me, I know. Starting with Cersei, this lady knows how to enhance her soft beach waves, doesn’t she? It goes well with her evil personality (that’s if a hairstyle could compare) Then we have Sansa, a much more friendly ol’ girl who loves a dramatic do – those auburn locks are to die for though (although, not yet.. please!) 
Then Margaery, the Game of Thrones Margaret Thatcher usually keeps her hair pretty soft – I’m loving these subtle twists, brilliant for a summer ‘do. Jon Snow obviously had to make an appearance also because if I was a man this would be my mop, I’m sure of it.. those curls are just perfection. Lastly we have my favourite, Danerys. Firstly I’m completely loving her white blonde hair, so much so if I had the guts (and an uncanny resemblance..) I’d be down the hairdressers telling them to apply as much bleach & toner as possible. She is also queen of plaits (as well as dragons..) usually sporting multiple plaits, she keeps the rest softly waved and full of texture. 
I understand that it’s actually the shows hairdressing team that sort the hair, but I like to pretend that Game of Thrones is real life, so we’ll keep it at that. Do you watch GoT and if so, what hair do you love the most?!
*this post is in collaboration with Mecca Bingo


Ah Sansa! What a babe! xo

I love this post. the hairdressers, make up artists and costumes designers are all incredible on this show, I am always thinking about it when I watch it!

i love the last one 🙂

wauw i love this hair looks! lots of love x