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Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water / Comforting Toner

Nivea – Cream
Skin care has never really been something I’ve bothered with much. Sure, I take my makeup off, moisturise and well, that’s pretty much it. The world of cleanser, toning and all that jazz? So not my thing, well, until recently.
I moved to London in December and ever since I left the confines of an ‘almost’ natural environment and joined the world of the city.. tubes and trains, I have noticed my skin is sulking, quite a lot. I am very lucky with my skin, usually everything is fine and I hardly get a spot *touch wood* so skincare has never really been needed before now. The trains and general atmosphere has made my skin into a bit of a dry mess.. my foundation sticks to patches of the dryness and it’s all just a bit of a faff really. So, off to Boots I went, low and behold.. the great 3 for 2 offer graced the shelves, perfect time for a skincare stock up.

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It was reading the great Couture Girl blog that I decided my first step into skin care domination needed to start with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I like the fact it has water in the name at least, for someone that has no clue, to me this screams natural and will (hopefully) not break out my ‘never been cleansed’ skin. I have used it on a few occassions now to remove my makeup and I love it. I fear I may never be able to use makeup wipes, ever again. It gets the makeup off 100% times easier and quicker, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and well, clean.

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So next up was the dry skin solving. I’m still not overly sure what route to take with this, as I already use Oilatum moisturiser which usually solves all skin problems for me. However, I have a few tiny sections of skin that no matter what I do, won’t budge. I picked up the Nivea Creme, simple and cheap. I rub a little bit of this on the dry skin patches (under my eyebrow – super annoying, and next to my mouth – even more annoying!) Anyway so far so good.

And lastly, I figured I should start looking after those little senstitive things they call eyes. Our eyes are probably the first place that shows our ages, ghastly wrinkles will sadly grace them one day and I guess the sooner you start looking after them, the more it will prolong wrinkle-ville. I picked this up after watching the Wonderful You‘s skincare haul as she mentioned she had picked up a few No7 eye creams. I have only used this a few times, so will be sure to let you know how I get on with it in the future!

What are your skincare saviours?

These types of posts are obviously very different from my usual outfit ones, so do let me know if you’d like to see more/less of them. I will still be doing my fashion videos, obviously, but thought it might be nice to mix it up a bit now and then! Let me know in the comments.



The Garnier micellar water is a favourite of mine too, I’m sure you have heard of the Bioderma hype, and I personally think it is just as good and a lit more affordable.
When I get dry patches, I like to use the Origins Drink It Up overnight mask on just those areas every night (rather than on the whole face twice a week like normal) and it soon settles down.
Isabel x
Monochrome Magpie

I really really need to sort my skincare regime out, and I really want to try the Garnier products.

Elizabeth x |

Ooo I really want to try the Garnier products.
Beth x

I’m really liking Garnier’s Micellar water at the moment!

I’m currently using the L’Oreal Micellar Water and always so amazed at how much dirt comes off. I love how it also acts as a toner 🙂 I will definitely give this one a try too X


Looks like you’ve found some lovely, gentle, effective products! Glad you’re liking them! xo


I get the worst dry patches under my eyebrow 🙁 I picked up some sample products from Clarins and so far so good!