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Jacket, Vest, Skirt, Shoes, Lipstick – All George
So, Valentines day is fast approaching (for the boys.. it’s Friday!!) It’s never really been a holiday that I have been overly fond of, whether it be bad ex-boyfriends (boo to those!) or being single (although, I spent the fund on myself, which helped!) However, I’m learning to embrace this lovey-dovey day and might even wear red.. yep.. you heard right. I am dishing out all the cliches and even writing this post covered in rose petals, sipping champagne and wearing love heart PJ’s (okay yes, I may be slightly exaggerating..)
Anyway, George at Asda has always been a brand I’ve enjoyed and I sometimes feel like if this was on the high street (rather than an in-store food store clothing brand, for those who don’t know Asda!) it would be just as popular as Primark/H&M. I was having a little browse earlier today, for research purposes, obviously, and spotted a few cute items that would make the perfect Valentines day/evening outfit!
You don’t have to wear red on Valentines day, it’s not a law or anything.. but well, it’s a bit traditional and just generally nice to make a bit of an effort. Red is definitely not my usual colour (except for lipstick!) so I feel it would make a nice change to mix things up a little, even if it is just for one day of the year. This skirt caught my eye instantly because even the belt has hearts on it – the perfect wardrobe addition and not just for Valentines day.. this would look amazing in summer with a gingham blouse. The best thing about red is the fact that all patterns work so well with it.. it is the monochrome staple! George have a wide range of fabulous skirts, so if red’s not your colour I’m sure you’ll find something to replace it pretty sharpish.
Do you have any Valentines plans?! If so, will you be pulling out the red clothing?!

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Such a perfect valentines day outfit x


Lovely picks! That red skirt is so much fun and how cute is the belt!? 🙂



Love the skirt, and that lipstick is one of my favs 🙂
Daniella x


I love that skirt and the red color! Oh, and I just wanted to tell you that I love your haircut, first time here on your blog and I clicked on the link because of your hair haha 🙂

xo Mélane
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