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 photo pinkleo2_zps4409e293.jpg
 photo pinkleo1_zpsde14e56d.jpg
Leggings – F&F
Boots – Topshop
Hat – Tophop
Lips – Mac, Gaga
It’s official.. I’ve caught the Fedora bug. I never thought I’d be brave enough to don the Fedora hat that seems to have swept the blogger nation – however – when I tried one on in store and realised not only did it potentially provide cover for bad hair days, it actually improved the outfit I was wearing. It’s simple – a hat is sometimes all you need to take an outfit up a notch on the fashion-scale. Oh and, even better, when you’re wearing this it doesn’t matter if you accidentally leave your umbrella in your wardrobe on the most rainy day of the month (as you can tell, I’m still a bit angry about this..) so it’s pretty much win-win, horah for the Fedora! I also received this shirt and at first glance I did think it looked a little crazy but, I like pink and I like leopard print – so why the hell not. It’s more of a shirt dress, so perfect when wearing with leggings.
I had my hair done yesterday, so you might notice a slight ombre dye job has made it’s way back. If you have followed Tiny Twisst for a while, you might remember my ol’ ombre do, well I kinda missed it. It’s made my bob feel a little more modern, so I’m alot happier with it now. All my weekend chores are done so I can now sit down and watch more Breaking Bad – I started it last week and already on series two.. I totally get the hype! 



I love this look, the hat is perfect!
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Gorgeous outfit! I love the pop of colour from the shirt. x

The Beauty Scrapbook

I love the outfit! I want the shirt its such a nice color,


Just gorgeous! I love your hat and your new hair colour so pretty! :’) And breaking bad is truly amazing! love it completed the whole season and the ending really is unexpected but makes it that more incredible! Such a great series sad that it has ended but The walking dead is my new remedy 😉 x

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Ooh, what a fun colour and print! You look lovely 🙂



great post!

Laura! I get hair envy every time I visit your blog. And in these pictures you look a beaut, LOVE the hat : )


Want the boots! Having a boot obsession lately H x


I have always loved your ombre look! The shirt looks lovely on you but i don’t think i could ever pull it off haha


It really suits you. Also I am super jealous about how you look good in whatever you wear..
Love From Sammie xx

You look so lovely in a hat! This outfit really suits you 🙂 x

Oooooh that Fedora looks lush on you, def suit one! xx


Oh my god wow!! That is the cutest top I’ve ever seen, I love it so much!!


What a fab pop of pink! Needed in this weather x

omy i just ADORE ur hair,
you just encourage me to cut mine the more post i see !

Such a cute shirt and I love how you’ve styled it lady!


B xx

Im not brave enough to wear this but you look incredible <3