Fashion Scout London with LumixGM – Day 4

 photo outfit1_zps0f79e38d.jpg
 photo outfit5_zps59551152.jpg
 photo outfit4_zps6f285ac8.jpg
Jacket – Zara
Dress – Very*
Shoes – Linzi
Camera – LumixGM

Today’s outfit literally turned up on my doorstep an hour before I left. This beautiful green dress is by Very and you will definitely be seeing more of it soon! I love monochrome with this shade of green, so I popped on my new gingham blazer, which I have been dying to wear. Sadly my feet couldn’t take much more, so flats were essential, and hair was in a messy side bun.

Here we have it, my last day at Fashion Scout London.. excuse me while I cry! I am very sad that my days will no longer consist of watching catwalk shows on the front row, hanging out in the media bar with the amazing team, helping myself to the Mocha flavoured coconut water (the best flavour!) and ushering through the crowds with my sponsor pass – I want to be able to use this everywhere, trains especially..

 photo outfit2_zps37e3f64b.jpg
 photo outfit3_zps4d06b69d.jpg
I watched two shows today and both were equally amazing. I love the buzz you get just before a show – the room goes dark, silent for a few minutes, then the music begins.. I think this might be my favourite part.

Zeynep Tosun
First up was Zeynep Tosun. This show performed with mocha browns and beautiful ice blues, which have been very popular this year – definitely a shade to look out for.. I think it’s going to be big! I love browns so this definitely got me a little excited! Makeup was also stunningly beautiful, natural face with a striking dark chocolate brown lip, something I’m excited to try myself. The collection showed a lot of leather crafted pieces and over sized woollen bobble hats. A very wearable collection and something that easily got the blood pumping, brown and ice blue may well be my ultimate colour pairing.
 photo zeynep1_zpsc6392db8.jpg
 photo zeynep3_zpsfca7e644.jpg
 photo zeynep4_zpsbbe8393a.jpg

Marina Hoermanseder
So my last show was Marina Hoermanseder. I was hoping my last show would be something to remember, a little striking perhaps.. Well, it was. Inspired by the brain, this show was immense. Models slowly waded their way down the catwalk, covered in strong buckles and leather crafted pieces, mixed with soft brain sculpted cottons. The time and effort that went into this collection was immediately evident and the craftsmanship was on another level. A colour palette of browns, peaches, skin pinks and the occasional splash of bright shades such as red and green. The colours transformed this collection from slightly bondage inspired to something much softer. So, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
 photo marina1_zpsbff47067.jpg
 photo marina2_zpse924982a.jpg
 photo marina3_zpsfeb2780e.jpg
 photo outfit7_zpsd4abefa9.jpg
 photo outfit6_zps1f4239d9.jpg
So those are the last shows of my week, but not the last of my posts. Tomorrow I’ll have a little roundup, and a final say on the LumixGM1 camera!
Images were taken on the LumixGM1, for more information log onto 
LumixGM1 is £629.99



What a beautiful dress! Love the vintage feel and pretty emerald colour. Have been enjoying this series of posts! xo


You look sooooo gorgeous – what a babe! 😉 And so so in love with the quality of this camera, I can see your beautiful face so clearly now haha! By the way, your hair always look so amazing, mine’s way too long now.. it’s slowly dying!

Boonya –

I have a little lumix camera, it’s not as posh as that one though!

Looks like you had a fab time 🙂

Georgina at

Love the colour of the dress against that jacket on you, looks lovely! Sound like you had an amazing time, it sounds perfect I’m so jel!
Kathleen @ Made In The 1990’s.

Gorgeous! That green dress is so lovely on you!!

love that jacket 🙂
looks like you had such a good time over the weekend, have really enjoyed reading all your posts!
anna | styleskittle | ❤