Fashion Scout London with LumixGM – Day 2

 photo outfit1_zps58bba87c.jpg
Hat – Topshop
Dress – Zara
Boots – Topshop
So, day two of Fashion Scout London with Panasonic has ended. I am writing this whilst dressed in my ‘My Little Pony’ PJ’s in a state of ‘just about consious’ and I can tell you I am absolutely knackered.. Fashion week is hard work – but obviously more than worth it, as day 2 was just as good at day 1. I decided to wear a hat and rather flowing, thin chiffon dress – fabulous in the gale-force wind that London seemed to be experiencing today.. I was holding both my hat AND skirt whilst juggling a heavy bag, so I am pretty sure most of Covent Garden saw my smexy Bridget Jones. Anyway, I paired the print of this dress with rose-gold jewellery, which I have abandoned recently and my trusty Topshop boots.
I saw a few shows in particular today that made me really excited.. I have figured out over the past couple of days that pastel shades and glitter is most definitely my ‘thing’ – as soon as I see these feature on the catwalk I can’t help but get a bit giddy.
Xiao Li
So first up is was my first fashion-crush of the day, Xiao Li. Candy pink hair (swoon) and a beautiful combination of contrasting materials, including moulded knits and silicon which when paired together, make a beautiful team. The colour palette for this collection is the backdrop of Iceland.. shades of blue paired with a cool, crisp white.
 photo xiao3_zps08945aea.jpg
 photo xiao1_zps2e3575e2.jpg
 photo xiao2_zps670d55c8.jpg
Zeynep Kartal
Then came along another favourite, now this collection definitely took my breath away. This collection was stunning to say the least.. shimmering gowns encrusted with sequins and jewels, jumpsuits and strong plunge-front pieces, I literally would easily take every piece, please. An array of luxurious silk, lace, mesh mixed with a classical Hollywood glamour styling – the hair, a messy beehive styled half up, half down, worn with a simple thin plait. Makeup was dewy, nude eyes and dark burgundy lips – again, spot on.
 photo zeynep1_zps747e269e.jpg
The LumixGM1 has a beautiful sparkle mode, which I used to take the above image – absolutely beautiful effect, I love how this looks.

 photo zeynep2_zps38929933.jpg
 photo zeynep3_zpsb8363002.jpg
On the front row – SO cute!
Kiev Fashion Days – Paskal
Both pieces below caught my main attention in this collection. PINK. I absolutely love this shade, and it works so, so well paired with the designer’s trademark laser cut garments. The designer, Julie, studied architecture before launching her own brand, which is definitely visible in the collection. Minimalistic and modern.
 photo paskal1_zpsa7a635fe.jpg
Two words that sum up this collection? The shoes. Totally impractical but who really cares about that? I’ll have a pair in a 4, please.
 photo krasil1_zps9b59e4dc.jpg
 photo krasil2_zps9a7c7a1a.jpg
Images were taken on the LumixGM1, for more information log onto 
LumixGM1 is £629.99

See you tomorrow!



Amazing collection, attracts attention instantly, and you can’t forget it.

Wow, I didn’t go to the Kiev show in the end but I wish I had – those pink designs are stunning! You look awesome, I think I spotted you heading into Fashion Scout at some point yesterday! xxx

Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

Looks like an amazing event! So many creative designs. Loving your outfit too! xo


Love the pictures, that sparkle effect on the camera is stunning!x

Really loved what you wore! And so sad I missed all of those glittery dresses.

Sarah Betty xx

Amazing photos I just love the pink collection with the mesh like fabrics it creates such a unique aspect to the garments and also the shoes in the last pictures really are incredible very futuristic! x

Very stylish
Loved your blog,
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My fan page is at low LookBook

Sounds like you had a great time! extremely jealous!
Loving the clothes from the first designer

Love your entire outfit. Great photos from Fashion Week too, so jealous!

Love that jacket, and also love the collection all the snaps from the runway!

Muny’sFashionFanatique | FASHION & STYLE BLOG

This all looks great! So many beaut shows this season. I love Fashion Week!

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How cool are the shoes in the last photo!
Really lovely outfit.
Love everything.