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Keyboard iPad case – ebay
Today I posted a photo of my new iPad case on my instagram and so many of you asked where it was from, hence the reason for this different type of post this evening. I have been doing a lot of work at home lately as well as on the train… I have a little commute into the city from where I live and I realised I should make the most of the journey and get some of my massive to-do list done (rather than sleeping!) So, a week before my Fashion Week jaunt I brought myself an iPad mini, which I love, but I didn’t realise how difficult it could be to type large amounts of text with. It’s okay for Twitter, don’t get me wrong.. but when it comes to a full-on blog post? Not so much. 
Hence this wonderful keyboard case. It connects via blue tooth and is super easy to set up, it comes with simple instructions and it took me about 2 minutes – and that’s saying something as usually I’m faffing around for ages with technology! (How old do I sound!?) It is a little heavy and clumpy when closed, but I guess that’s not a problem when it proves itself to be so helpful! It comes in a variety of colours and you can pick it up from this ebay seller for just £22, with free delivery
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So a few quick updates.. at the moment I am blogging full-time, so let me know of ANY posts or videos you want to see as I have more time on my hands to get it done, which is very exciting. I’m definitely wanting to get my youtube channel back up and running as I miss it! Also, it’s coming up for the deadline to advertise on Tiny Twisst for the month of March, so click here to see more info on that!



That’s so clever, def worth the purchase! I have never seen a case like that before! xx

Hey There,
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Such a cute case and definitely planning on getting one with an pad I buy coming up! Also love the color of it.

Jackie | fashionxfairytale

What a fabulous case, I’m a little old fashioned in the fact I do love to type on keys, so I think this is perfect, and it’s pink too!

Elizabeth x | Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

I’ve been saving for something like this for ages – so useful! I LOVE the colour xo

This is an amazing gadget ever!! Do they have a case available for all iPads (mini etc.)? This should be a great gift for my parents haha.

Boonya of the arty wardrobe

That is awesome! If I’m ever lucky enough to get an iPad, I would buy this case in a heartbeat xx

This looks so useful, I am awful at typing on my ipad!

Nicola xx

omg I love this case! it’s so cute. if I had an ipad I would definitely invest in one of these!


This is such a good idea, definitely looking into this!