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 Jumper – River Island
Leggings – H&M
Boots – Topshop
Lips – MAC, Saigon Summer
This is probably my first orange piece of clothing, ever. I don’t know why, but I’ve always avoided such a bright tone, but actually.. I really like it. I picked this jumper up in the January sales and absolutely love how over sized and comfortable it is – perfect with leggings! Now that brings me on to these bad boys.. probably the perfect daisy-print leggings from H&M for under a tenner, brilliant. I love how these brighten up an otherwise simple outfit, originally I brought them to wear with a black jumper, but I actually really like them paired with the orange. I think these will be amazing in summer also! What do you think of them?!
I have been getting some major hair envy on the tube this week and have therefore decided I really miss my longer locks, let the grow-out commence (I have probably done this a thousand times in my lifetime already) How long ’til I can wear a topknot I wonder? I’m having one last bash at growing it super long, so if you read here that I’m cutting it – tell me not too! (I have told my boyfriend, parents and friends to tell me the same thing!) I have also been getting some serious piercing envy, by that I mean mostly top of the ear piercings. I am definitely not spending this evening browsing another body piercing website.. I promise.

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Your River Island cable knit orange jumper looks lovely and contrasts nicely with your pretty blue eyes. It also contrasts nicely with your lovely H&M daisy print tights.

Ah I love the colour of you jumper!
Lucia’s Loves

OHHH!!! That orange sweater♠♠

Oh wow, what a stunning colour! Looks lovely on you. Loving the print on the pants too! xo


I absolutely LOVE this oversized knit – I was eying it up in cotton candy pink! Lovely look!

Elizabeth x

Orange is the most perfect colour for you. You pull it off so well. X

i love that jumper! bright orange seems like a pretty scary colour to wear but it’s actually not that hard to pull off. i like your short hair but i’m sure you’d look beautiful however you have it xx

Love this. The jumper looks awesome and warm and the colour is great!
I always shy away from bold colours, but it’s surprising what actually looks ok on..


Really wanted this jumper from the sale!

TERRIFACE | Fashion Blog

Love! love love this colour on you! I have a bright orange clutch in my latest post babe that would go perfectly with this!

Love the leggings! xx

Lovely outfit! Those leggings are beaut i’m going to go search for some tomorrow!

Char x

That jumper is amazing! I always worry bright orange will make me look washed out, but this colour looks gorgeous on you.


The jumper is so lovely! and so is your hair, suits you so much! I’m currently having urges to cut mine all off this short, but i know if i do i will regret it!!

Anna xx

the colour of that jumper is actually amazing! and I need those daisy print leggings in my life, were they on sale or just general stock?

ruffles and lace xx

Love the colour of this jumper, and the fact its so oversized and cosy xx

Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

Love the jumper ! colour is amazing

This colour’s beautiful on you! And if it makes you feel any better I think short hair looks the bees knees on you x

Gorgeous colour jumper, and looks perfect with those leggings! I’ve always been put off patterned leggings as I don’t have the thinnest of thighs, but I think I’m going to pick up some tartan leggins soon!

Also, I love your hair! I’m always going between cutting my hair short then wanting to grow it again. I’m desperate for it to be a length bob at the moment

Laura x

That jumper is soooo nice, absolutely love the colour!

julia x

That sweater is AMAZING – what a stunning colour xo