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Cushion, boxes, scent & jar – Zara Home
Toothbrush holder & skull money jar – Urban Outfitters
This is a little bit different for Tiny Twisst, but I felt like mixing things up a little. I am a huge Pinterest fan (follow me here!) and since using it I have also become a bit of an interior design addict. Recently I brought a chrome stag head for my wall (yup) but don’t worry, it’s cooler than it sounds! Anyway, I was recently having my nightly Zara Home/Urban Outfitters browse and thought I might just add a few favourite things up here. I swiftly moved past the bigger and more essential home items – so these are small bits and pieces.. but hey, these are pretty, and pink.
I have been known to make a few cushions in my time (proudly I stroke the skull cushions laying on my bed, which took all of 2 minutes to make..) and I feel that these definitely add something to a room. I would always go with different shapes and patterns, having a few of the same is a little outdated.. although, you might not need 10, just a few, so don’t get too carried away. 
Little and simple accessories are key – I love these glass jars, they add a vintage kitsch feel to the room, and look beautiful when surrounded by fairy lights! Storage can also be fun, and leopard print, with these boxes (great for the makeup overflow!) Oh and the toothbrush holder just somehow found it’s way on there.. it’s cute, sorry!
What is your go to high-street store for home items?



I recently went into Zara home and I’ve never seen so much amazing home stuff that I want! There was a knitted ‘tartan’ esque throw I was dying to get, but they’re too expensive 🙁

When I have my own house, maybe I would start looking at furniture stores, for now I don’t have any. But I like all the stuff you featured here,they are cool! I want that pillow especially! 😀

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Cassandra | Backtofive

Loving this pink skull!

Xo, Hannah


that toothbrush holder is adorable!

abi from a little dust

I can’t wait to have my own flat one day and design it all myself. I love the cushion and skull!Xx

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

Ah the hot pink skull is so cute, I want it!!

I really love those leopard boxes xo