Four Fifty.

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Dress – Gorgeous Couture*
Shoes – Next

Since blogging this has to be the best dress I have come across. These photos definitely don’t do it justice because in real life, it is spectacular. It’s almost the kind of dress you’ll never want to wear in fear of ruining it – just wear it and make sure no one comes near you with drinks! It is a gorgeous baby-blush colour, which is so flattering and great for both Summer and Winter. It’s a beautiful, thick and heavy material, meaning it hangs beautifully and is a dream to wear. Although these elements are all strong contenders in this beautiful masterpiece, it’s the diamond detail that finishes it off. This dress is studded with 450 (YES, 450!) Swarovski elements studs – sparkle heaven!

I have put myself on a little spending ban recently. This is mainly because the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe feel like they might all fall out and suffocate me (don’t you just hate that feeling?!) Anyway, it’s not really been working very well because I seem to be coming across some amazing designers and brands that seem to be willing me to spend my money and clog up my wardrobe even more. Anyone got any handy ‘clear-out’ tips? Leave them below… with thanks!



Amazing dress! You look so sophisticated 🙂


>>fashion nerdette<<

Oh godness, how perfect this dress looks! Love how it is loose on the top and fitted on the bottom, it just hugs the curves! 🙂 You are one lucky girl! As long as you get items like these, you don’t have to worry about spending money – it’s totally worth it!



Ooh, such a pretty dress! You look lovely. Good luck with the spending ban! xo


wow this does look gorgeous, it suits you really well! as for spending bans, i gave up on them a long time ago. Instead, i tell myself i can only buy a new item if i get rid of an old one. i put all my stuff on ebay, make a bit of money, and i get a whole new wardrobe at the end of it!! 🙂

Bumble Speaks

the shape and colour of this dress is gorgeous! I think I need to give myself a much needed spending ban haha!

It looks gorgeous!! You’re very brave for doing a spending ban, i don’t think i could hack it!!Xx

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

You look stunning! I love your hair like that too. I’m trying to be on a spending ban too right now, but it’s not going too well…. xo