I was recently introduced to fashion brand Moncler. The website is beautiful, the clothes colourful and eye-catching, I left feeling inspired for the Spring weather ahead of us (fingers crossed) Whilst having a browse I noticed that they had a beautiful array of Spring Jackets, which now that the sun has decided to turn up – are perfect for the current British weather. However, wherever you may be in the world, one can never have too many light-weight jackets – perfect for the transition between seasons.
Whilst Moncler is a higher end brand, there is plenty of inspiration online. I instantly noticed the strong, bright colours and beautiful feminine prints compared with the simple, tasteful and more tailored pieces such as a simple trench coat, which would last years and never date – perfect. They also cater for those that are partial to some skiing.. whilst I am too clumsy for that, I am loving the ski jackets – extremely stylish and still feminine, which correct me if I’m wrong, is nice for us females just because we’re being sporty, we can still be girly, right?
Moncler was established in 1952 and became a strong favourite for demanding athletes and great explorers who adored the quilted jacket. It later infatuated the stars of the cinema, the famous and the jet set, even worn by the one and only Madonna. This brand maintains a style that is not only personal but also liberating and this is extremely evident when scrolling through the pages upon pages of beautiful pieces. “Moncler is the quintessential of outerwear that marries the extreme demands of nature with those of the city life” this quote is the perfect description for Moncler, it sums up everything about this brand. It is definitely a wide range of the outdoors styled fashion, with that more acquainted to the ‘hussle and bussle’ of the city which is something you can’t generally find it one place.

See more of Moncler here.

I have decided to start a series of posts about brands/trends/seasons and so on just to break the blog up a little – I’m sure you’ll all get bored of seeing me here otherwise! If there is anything in particular you would like to see here, leave it in the comments.. whether it be fashion or makeup/beauty related – I’ll see what I can do! 🙂


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