Top – George
Skirt – Glamorous*
Shoes – New Look
Tights and Necklace – Primark
Bracelet – H&M
Lipstick – Rimmel, 110
When I saw this top in George (ASDA) I was pretty shocked to say the least… Black, pleather detailing and a surprisingly good quality.. all for £8. I would never look at this top and know it was from George and at that price – see, you can pick up some great bargains whilst doing the food shop! As for the skirt, I’m not totally sure this is the best outfit to show it off, but it was a quick dress-and-go moment. Orange is a colour I don’t own enough off, so I will definitely be wearing this again and trying to mix it up a bit – it also has hints of purple in, which is a really cool touch.
I don’t usually talk about makeup much on here, which is funny considering Tiny Twisst originally started out as a makeup blog! But anyway, I picked up this Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick a while ago  (you might have seen me wear it here a few times now) and I have fallen in love with it, I had to tell you how great it is. I think it is the tone of the coral/orange that just works so nicely and pairs so well with any makeup and outfit. It is a gorgeous deep neon orange and a great modern-day “red” lip. I have tried many orange lipsticks and been so unimpressed (and always felt like I need a nice deep tan to pull it off!) but I’m pretty certain this orange will suit any skin tone, which is a sign of a great lipstick.

I love wearing red lippy or a red dress: so empowering and sexy. Love this look. Pity I don’t like anywhere near the UK to purchase any of these items. Darn Australia being so far away. I have however, been a big purchaser off ASOS for the past 6 years (obsession central). Thank god they started offering free postage cause I was paying through the roof every time i ordered haha

Luc X

You look amazing in these photos and I love the outfit.


I love this tee!
And your hair!
You neeed to do a hair tutorial for this look <3
s xx

you have lush hair, it sits beautifully! awesome style too xx

Beautiful look, I think you can get some nice stuff in ASDA and Tesco’s clothing is quite good too, things don’t have to be expensive to look good!

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Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Love that lipstick color and that skirt, absolutely to die for.

You are perfect! 🙂

You look amazing! Love the top and your hair looks gorgeous! X

LOVE your outfit, you look incredible. I’m definitely going to try and track down this top, it’s SO nice for only £8!


This top is incredible for an Asda buy!

– Tabitha at x

wow you are stunning and i love that skirt x

Never would have put that as an ASDA top, good find! xx

Just found your blog and may i just say firstly you are stunning and so photogenic. Love the outfits you conjure up they are gorgeous. Now following treacle x

Love the necklace and the skirt ! :3

Imi xx

wow this top looks lovely xx

Wow you are so beautiful! I think I might have to get my hair cut to look like yours, the length and colour are both perfect. Loving that top, think I might have to get it, a real steal!

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Love this outfit, the skirt is stunning xx

Love that top, you look gorgeous! Love the lipstick as well

A little bit Unique


Whoa you’re beautiful! Love the top.

oo I love this, you look stunning!
I really want your skirt <3
UK High Street Fashion

The lipstick is so nice, it really suits you 🙂 and I love your hair! It always looks so nice!! I love finding bargains too!
Eleanor x

I can’t believe that top is from George! So beautiful.
Isobel x

yes to this so much! this shirt is gorgeous! x

Gorgeous, I love the print on the skirt!

Wow, seriously cannot believe that top is from George, love it!

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Gorgeous outfit! I’m loving the colour of your skirt. I also have serious hair envy, the colour is gorgeous x

As if this top is from asda! bargain! Love the leather detail, I thought it was the one from the misguided website! X

You look amazing! The skirt is stunning! x

Your hair looks amazing here 🙂 I have just got red lippy the other day & can’t wait to use it when I have fake tanned lol.

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No way is that top Asda?! Crazy!! I wish I bought this necklace when it was in Primark, it’s gorgeous! Such a lovely outfit xx

gorgeous outfit! love the skirt 🙂

B x

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Gorgeous print on that skirt. George have some surprisingly great pieces sometimes.

This is stunning, love the top with the skirt:) x

I absolutely love your top, the two different fabrics make it look so expensive! xxx

Love the top, the lip colours great! xx

Gorgeous! I looove that necklace xo