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Ever since seeing strong Geometric patterns walk the runway at London Fashion Weekend I have been on the lookout for the perfect pattern. Strong, bold patterns paired with the bright, vibrant colour for SS13 is the perfect mix. I especially love these bold geometric patterns paired with simple, tailored trousers and a casual blazer – a smart and fresh summer look. Yes, I am quite aware that it is still freezing in good ol’ Britain but today the sun is out, and it has inspired me – hurry up England and get warm!

I was recently introduced to Max Studio, a clothing company that produce leading-edge woman’s fashion. The above dresses instantly caught my eye, a mix of the perfect geometric patterns, and a perfect balance of neutral and bright colours, in particular I love the neutral beige’s mixed with the strong turquoise – a beautiful colour-relationship that I would never have considered before now (I feel I now need to go shopping especially for these colours, something I need in my life..) Heading towards a slightly sixties theme, I felt that these sunglasses would match this SS13 trend perfectly, and again this was something I also witnessed on the Fashion Week runways. Simple sandals, a over-sized bag and of course some bright coral lipstick and you’re good to go.

I have never previously dressed to suit any particular ‘era’ but recently I have found myself drifting towards this style, maybe it is something to do with age (oh my, am I growing up?!) but there is something about this SS13 trend that makes me want to don the beehive, grab the over sized round sunnies, maybe even pop on a neck scarf and break out those crazy patterns – no white boots though, I am aware I have to draw the line somewhere.

Max Studio have a wide range of fashion, not only the patterned items, but simpler daytime outfits and pieces more suited for special occasions such as the designer evening dresses which I feel have a hint of high-end Fashion Week runway about them, as well as a wide range of cocktail dresses, which are particularly pretty, so take a look if you’re after something special and unique.

What trends will you be sporting this SS13?


Seriously loving that dress on the left with the blue hem. Like you, I quite fancy donning a pair of big sunnies, styling a beehive and popping on some sandals and ankle socks. Dream! xx

love the interesting and summery prints on those dresses!
would you like to follow each other?

Loving the shades!
I’m more of a monochrome and neon type of girl
S xx

I’ll defo be rocking the mono trend this spring/summer season!

I love the sunglasses
UK High Street Fashion

Really want to check out Max Studio, great prints!

A little bit Unique


Love this post, slight change from the norm. Love your style 🙂

Glad you like it! Was worried about straying but thought it was nice to do something different! 🙂 xxx

Love the sunnies! This summer I’ll probably be wearing a lot of pastel colors, always a favorite of mine! 🙂

The collection looks gorgeous, i love the prints and colours ! going to go check out the website 🙂

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