Jacket – Topshop
Dress – Love*
Tights – The Tights House*
Shoes – New Look
Lipstick – Mac, Red
Necklace – H&M
Earring – Primark
Here I go again, sticking to that striped monochrome trend.. oops! Love sent me this gorgeous stripy number and it is a (another) new favourite. I don’t own any ‘cut-out’ dresses so I was super pleased with this, it is definitely something different for me too, it’s not too often I break out the low v-neck dress! I love how it crosses over in the chest area and how the stripes change direction – something really simple yet effective. I’m so predictable these days, I know.. but I had to pair it with my polka dot tights from The Tights House, I am still rocking that subtle pattern clash from London Fashion Weekend, but I like how it looks! 
I have been a busy girl this weekend! Saturday I went to a spa with my lovely sister, I finally got around to using the spa vouchers I won from Immediate PR for this post! It was nice and relaxing. Today I filmed a new video for my youtube channel (watch it below..) and did a little retail therapy, I definitely needed more clothes… (I actually need more space, anyone got a spare wardrobe?!) Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


Your hair is amazing! And that video is hilarious & brilliant, you’re awesome!

How gorgeous are you?! WELL JEL!

You look lovely. Great outfit and great figure too!



Oh my gosh yes! That dress is so so so perfect on you! You look stunning!

just come across your blog and i think i might just spend the next hour reading through it.. love the outfits !!

Love the monochrome, and the cut outs are sexy with out being too much, keep up the good work xx

A Model Wardrobe

Love the dress 🙂 check out my giveaway on my blog! xx

Hi lovely!
You’re such a cutie pie, love it! I wonder, how do you get like a ‘digital signature’? You put your blog under your name and you can immediately click it?

Lily xx (not clickable haha)

gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
would love to see you in casper&pearl one day!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog

Love the dress and the tag video is great- what wizard is your middle name after?! 🙂
Daniella x

Your dress is gorgeous! And it suits you so well 😉 like the black and white trend this summer
Imi xx

Canon ce look !

absolutely loved the video and the bloopers, hahaha 😀

The dress is beaut. 🙂 xx

Love the dress and the video as well! Just had a nosey at your channel and I love it, please make more videos!

A little bit Unique


You look so fierce! the monochrome is such a good look! x

Love the video, and the monochrome is great, I am very jealous ahaxx

I’m loving the monochrome trend right now and that dress looks great on you. The cut outs are a great touch!
Cute video 🙂 I think I’m going to make one to follow the tag on my youtube channel.


That dress is lovely!! And the end of the video made me laugh!

hair looks so gorgeous! you’re too much of a babe

chloe @chlowitty blogs

that is such a gorgeous dress, you look lovely! xo

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Love the dress! Looks gorgeous on you I really like the cut out x

That dress is amazing! You look gorgeous xo