Jacket – Topshop
Shoes – New Look
Bag – Primark
Lips – MAC, Lady Gaga
Nails – H&M
Metallic is a trend that has been around for a while now and it seems to be the main one I haven’t really dabbled in too much. I think this stems from the fact that it reminds me of my clothes at high-school disco’s when metallic wasn’t a “trend” as such, more a piece of item that was ‘disco inspired’, aka, garish. I probably wore blue-eyeshadow and my hair in pigtails, too.. but we won’t go into that too much. Anyway, back to the dress – the baroque print on this dress is beautiful and completely softens the bright silver tone and I love it. I really like baroque prints right now, I wish I had paired this with some patterned tights because I also really like pattern clashes at the moment – maybe another day! Again, Topshop faux leather studded jacket and my favourite Primark studded clutch, the only thing I dislike about this bag is that it attaches itself to every bit of material – hello plucked clothes!
I did mention briefly in my last post, but I have had a few problems with my emails over the last few days (I say problems, it is more just me being silly and pressing the wrong buttons!) It turns out ‘delete forever’ really does mean, forever (and should not be pressed instead of ‘remove from spam’, d’oh) I had a few emails in my spam that I accidentally deleted, so if you happened to email me on the 11th Feb, please do re-send!
So, it’s almost time for the weekend! I have a few exciting posts coming up over the next few weeks which I am pretty excited about – I have some lovely items to show you! Also, for those of you who ask about my makeup, I made a ‘makeup favourites’ video, you can find that on my youtube page or below. I am making more videos soon, so let me know if there are any in particular that you would like to see! 

Just watched one of your vids you’re hilarious 🙂 you should get into vlogging more you’re great at it!

You are one serious gorgeous lady! Subscribed! x

You have wonderful skin, so it would be great to see a Skincare routine with the products that you use. 🙂

You look so gorgeous Laura! 🙂

Love your hair!
And I especially love your dress!!
UK High Street Fashion & Style

love this outfit and you are absolutely gorgeous. now following 🙂 xxx

love the dress, your hair is gorgeous too, followed 🙂

LOVE this look so much – you look like such a rock star in the second picture! x♥

gorgeous ! i LOVE baroque !
also your blog and your style are so amazing – im following !

I loved the video, please do make more 🙂 And the dress is gorgeous!

A little bit Unique


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Great look! Love your dress, such an interesting print!

Beautiful pictures Laura – love how you’ve styled this metallic number!

Hannah x – I’ve just posted about my favourite SS13 fashion trends

Haha… brilliant video! you crack me up x

That dress is so perfect on you! The silver compliments your skintone and hair and just everything!
Defintiely relate to blue eyeshadow and pigtales.. I think turquoise eyeliner was a biggie for me haha

Robyn Mayday

You look so gorgeous in this outfit! (Not that you don’t usually!). So so pretty xxx


I swear you get more beautiful everyday, love the dress!

Another gorgeous outfit Laura! Your dress is so pretty and love your hair. I had a look at your video the other day too and really liked t x