Jacket – Topshop
Top – Topshop
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – Linzi
Socks – Topshop
Bag – Primark
Hat – eBay
Lipstick – Accessorise, Passionate
You may recognise these trousers from an outfit I posted way back in the summer-depths of July (you can see it here!) This is the main reason they are so great, you can wear them in any seasons, come rain or shine. I was a little dubious on whether I could pull them off in winter, especially considering they are cream.. but I think it works. I paired it with my Topshop jacket (of course!) and this super cheap Burgundy hat I picked up from eBay. I was extremely co-ordinated with this outfit and matched my socks to my hat (that sounds so silly) but I really love to see a flash of colourful socks under trousers, it is also alot warmer than bearing your ankles, a win-win situation.
I can’t believe how much snow we have had! I tried to drive into work yesterday and my car full on skidded, was extremely scary. A few years ago I fell over on the ice and broke my elbow so you could say I already have a bit of a problem with the ice. Snow is very pretty and lovely.. until you have to go out in it. I definitely think we need some sort of “no work when it snows” law.. who’s with me?!

Love your hat with that lipstick!

Gorgeous outfit! You look lovely xx


these trousers are amazing! love how you’ve styled them for winter 😉 xx

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The trousers are amazing, love how you kept the rest of the outfit subtle, it really makes the trousers stand out!

One of my fav outfits you’ve posted since I started following!
I’m loving your pants and jacket!

– Allie

Having pants you can wear in any season is great. I love how the hat and socks match! It’s perfect!
We’ve had so much snow here.. it’s getting ridiculous. It seems to get colder and colder everyday. Stay warm and drive safe!


I love the monochrome look with an added pop of colour 🙂

I loved your co ordinated socks and hat. You look great and I think these trousers look great on you in the summer and winter 🙂

I’m all over that law Laura, let’s get a petition started! Love your dark berry lip, it really suits you.

Hannah x

i love the trousers, so versatile! The darker lip colour is so flattering, looks really nice!

Those trousers look so cute, look great with the shoes!

the trousers look gorgeous! and the snow is mental up here. i managed to fall on my arse (classy bird)

chloe @chlowitty blogs

You have great style and a gorgeous figure!


You look gorgeous darling, those trousers are a favourite of mine! Look beaut on you!

Eda ♥

I consider your new law invented and will tell my boss that you made it up tomorrow 😉 haha.

You look wonderful xx

I’m so jealous I didn’t swipe up these trousers when I had the chance! xx

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I’ve wanted that jacket for ages and this has just made me want it more!! And I’m defo with the no work when it snows law!Xx

the trousers are amazing! everytime I see dalmation print I instantly think of 101 dalmations haha! xo

The trousers are so pretty! Definitely perfect in all seasons.
Ouch, I can see why you have a problem with snow!
I’m terrible with it, if I have to go out I’m the SLOWEST walker and I’m so scared, I have a few back problems and I fell over year before last & made them worse 🙁 Definitely a need for a snow law! x