Review: Tropic Skin Care

First things first, I am extremely fussy about what products I use on my skin, especially my face. My skin is pretty sensitive and as soon as I use something on it that it doesn’t like, it punishes me with a flurry of pimples, never ideal. Because of this I do tend to stick to my favourite products and never really venture away from them –  well, that is until I was introduced to this Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream, from Tropic Skin Care. A new discovery that I had to tell you about. 
 I love anything basic, organic and healthy – I want something that is natural for my skin, not filled with a load of unhealthy chemicals. The first thing that attracted me to this product is the ingredients and I love how Tropic Skin Care actually tell you what the ingredients are there for and what they are going to do to improve your skin – it makes it a lot easier to understand. So, it has natural extracts of Rosehip to nourish and renew, Vitamin E to repair and protect, Wild Berries to revitalise, Sea Kelp to improve skin elasticity and Shea Butter, to soften skin. I love how many berry and fruit ingredients this product has, even reading them makes me feel refreshed.. Blueberry, Raspberry, Organic Grapefruit Seed, Sweet Orange, to name just a few – it is like a fruit bowl of vitamins all for your face.. healthy, organic and definitely one of your five-a-day (although don’t take that literally, you don’t need to eat this stuff!)
Not only has it got all the correct ingredients to make me instantly love it, it is incredibly easy to use. I’m not one to ‘faff’ about with skin care, I like a one-step routine.. put on face and voila, finito! This is exactly that, simply apply twice daily – I apply in the morning before makeup and in the evening before I go to bed. It is recommended that you use it after using the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser & Tropic Vitamin Toner, so if you do like to take more time with face products then I definitely recommend trying those too. 
Now, results. Firstly the smell of this lives up to the ingredients.. it’s slightly fruity and very refreshing – a smell that you wouldn’t get bored of. It’s a creamy product and you only need a tiny amount, it goes along way, which means this will last you a while. When applying my skin absorbs it straight away and it is left feeling smooth and soft. I have also found that since using this product my skin has looked brighter and more awake, which is perfect for these Winter months when your skin feels slightly dull and lifeless. It also works great under makeup and actually takes away the need of a primer, I find that because your skin absorbs it so well it helps to keep makeup put all day. 
Tropic Skin haven’t only just gained me as a fan, they have gained my Mum too. In fact, she loves this product so much it’s currently been taken hostage. So, proof that this product is great for all skin types and all ages – it really is a gem.
If you have tried this product please let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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Hey everyone! My name is Samantha. I am a tropic ambassador. The products are so amazing. And being natural is the best thing about them.
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If you have read this and want to try the range please DM me, I am a Tropic Ambassador in NW England. The facial is complimentary and, in the unlikely event it just doesn’t suit you there is a 30 day money back guarantee @SamiShurmer

@ Adrea John tropic products are – chemical free, paraben free using natural organic ingredients

Skin Care products should be chosen with utmost care. Now, even natural products are not free of harsh chemicals and finding a product which is good for our skin is becoming more difficult.

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looks like a pretty good product skin care . thanks for the giveaway and review! 🙂

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Winter is a great time to be outside – sledding with the kids, cross country skiing or downhill. It’s also a good time to think about the care of your skin.

I love this review! And I love these products too, so much so that I started selling them and became an Ambassador for the company! If you love this, you should try the Elixir Oil next.
If anyone is interested a Pamper Experience or 1-1 Skin consult is a great way to trial the products. They bring the WHOLE range to you, and it makes for a fun Day/Evening with friends. You can search on twitter and FB for an Ambassador near you. Will def follow you today Laura 🙂

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That sounds great! I have really sensitive skin too so i’ll have to look into it! xx


Sounds like I need this! Must keep my eyes open for it!


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Sounds great, I also like using organic/natural ingredients on my skin. I love Simple but this seems worth a try xx

I love anything organic too, then you just know they will be doing the world of good for your skin. xx

I’ve been trying different products for my skin for a while and still haven’t found the perfect one so maybe this could be it!! It sounds great!xxx