Coat – River Island
Shirt – H&M
Jeans – Topshop, Leigh
Boots – Old
Faux Fur – H&M
Earrings – Primark
I was pretty happy when I saw this coat reduced in River Island before Christmas, I love some leopard print so it obviously had to be mine. It is a ‘boyfriend’ style jacket so is slightly over-sized, I think this gives it a slight vintage vibe, especially paired with the trusty faux fur! I have also recently appeared to have re-kindled my love for shirts, this one from H&M is especially cosy, such amazing material – H&M can do no wrong in my eyes! I don’t often ‘do’ checks, but I loved the subtle pattern of this and the fact that it’s nice and long. Pattern clashing also seems to be another favourite of mine – it’s so fun that this used to be completely agaisnt the rules of fashion, now we can wear all the patterns together, yess! And lastly, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this bag, the detailing and dark rich brown colour make it absolutely amazing. I am really into structured satchels at the moment so was overjoyed when I received this through my door. It’s amazing how a bag can transform an outfit.. and yes, that’s what I tell myself when I open my wardrobe and they all spill out.
Yikes, England is going through a bit of a cold spell at the moment, and ‘cold’ is a very polite way of putting it. I had to de-ice my car three times for work this morning.. THREE TIMES! How can de-icer ice up?! One of life’s mystery’s. Are you snowed in yet?!
Hello to my new readers, it’s nice to have you on board, take a seat, grab a drink.. let’s make me believe my shopping problem is absolutely normal.. you can also follow me on Twitter too! 

Oh wow! I am completely in love with that coat..great outfit!xx

Gorgeous outfit – I love it! And that coat, wow x

That bag really is gorgeous! Great find, you look lovely 🙂

Um, I’m loving the mix of prints! I never would have thought to pair animal print with flannel, but you totes rock it! Hugs from across the pond 😉


Looove the coat – perfect for the cold weather too!x

Gorgeous outfit! I love your shirt! xx


That satchel is so cute! And your boots are gorgeous!Xx

You look gorgeous, I love that coat and the faux fur is amazing


love the coat 🙂 and the bag is gorgeous, cute outfit xxx

I love your coat and you bag is so pretty.

Jackie @

You look fabulous darling, love the coat and bag – great look!

Eda ♥

That bag. I think I’m in love!

love the coat and the bag! i think boyfriend coats look so good

chloe @chlowitty blogs

Love the combo of patterns. And that coat is gorgeous.
Lovely bag as well.

Lovely little outfit Laura – it’s nice to see you looking warm and toasty for a change, don’t know how you manage all your other outfits in this weather! Adore your leopard print coat and what a bargainous find. There’s nothing better than getting something in the sale that you’ve had your eye on.

Hannah x

This coat just makes your outfit go from okay to wow! I love love love it! And you pull it off so well with your high bun. I really do wish we had River Island in Canada, I used to shop there all the time when I lived in England. XO

Find you from Lookbook and hyped insane since your style is just SO FREAKIN GREAT! Going to stalk your blog like crazy now haha. Anyways, LOVE this outfit, you’re rockin it girl 🙂

I love the coat! How do you get your buns so perfect?? I can never do buns like that!

Laura, your sense of style is just awesome – I really adore it and don’t understand why your blog is not super super 45398659785647934 readers popular, its awesome, you’re gonna go far! I won’t pretend I’m not jealous, can you teach me?

Also how do you get your hair SO AWESOME!? my buns are so so so tiny and I have longer hair! Quite thin though, yours looks bouncy and life-y! haha!!

Love that bag!! Super cute and it even looks vintage

Summer x

Love your bag and shoes in this outfit 🙂
Daniella x

Omg that coat is gorgeous <3

I look forward to your outfit posts!

I would have never even considered pairing blue checks with leopard print, I love this outfit!

The leopard print looks so good on you. I hate de-icing my car, it seems to take forever x

Love love love the coat and bag! Definitely will be toasty warm even though its so cold! X

You look gorgeous! And you’re right, H&M can do no wrong!

I love this leopard coat and would be so happy if I found this coat in the sale. My love for leopard print is a bit crazy. Looks so great on you! Xx