Shirt – H&M
Crop Top – H&M
Skirt – Topshop
Tights – The Tights House*
Shoes – New Look
Bag – Primark
Lipstick – Accessorize, Infatuated
Hair – a mess!
So, we have a bit of a unintentional stripe theme going on here, I blame it all on these cool two-stripe tights. I have really been enjoying patterned tights since they “came back” (I say ‘came back’ because I definitely got picked on at school when I wore my classic diamond shape tights – I should really let that go considering it was 10+ years ago, I know) Anyway, these tights from The Tights House instantly caught my eye, I love how they add a simple yet effective touch to an outfit – I really love minimalistic, simple lines. They do have a sport luxe feel to them too, so I would also wear them really casual.. jumper, skirt and converse – I think that would work. I chose to wear them with my matching new shirt via H&M (£12.99, bargain!) I love H&M‘s bargain shirts, the best thing about this style is that it’s only the front panel that is a shirt material.. the arms and back are cotton, so it is super comfortable – they also do this in a dark grey leopard print.. I obviously have that too, eeek.
I’m not going to blabber too much this evening but I just have to share how excited I am that I am almost at 900 readers! Its definitely not all about the ‘reader count’ for me – I blogged for months with only minus 30 readers and still loved it – it just makes it all a bit more worth it (especially in the winter, I freezzze for you guys!) So thank you to all that have followed me up to this point and hello to the new ones! If you want to see me get even more hyperactive about hitting 900 readers then follow me on Twitter

Your style is amazing! Can’t wait to see more of your posts 🙂

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those tights are amazing!!! gunna have to get myself a pair!

Very cute outfit. Love the tights never seen a pair like that near me x

Looking absolutely gorgeous xx

love this look and also your blog! It’s so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad 😀

Love your lip colour 🙂 xo

Love this outfit, and you’re really pretty 🙂

Defiantly followed!!

I’vve just blogged a monochrome look myself!
You look lovely, and i love those tights, there so different! I’m too scared to venture out, always sticking to plain 70 denier black haha!

congrats on getting 900 followers!

you look so pretty in these photos. i love your hair.

i know what you mean about the tights, they have a simple design but theres still something edgy about them!

looking gorgeous anyway

glad ive come across your blog because i really like your style and now im following you im looking forward to seeing new posts from you!

would love if you checked my blog out and followed me back too! xxx

Wonderful outfit!!!! You look fabulous!!!! LOVE those tights!!!!!! 🙂
Keep up that great work. You have a very nice blog!!

those tights are amazing, love that blouse too xx

love love love that shirt x

The shirt is amazing and your tights are cute, love um! x

Love the H&M shirt with those tights – you look wonderful,

Rosie x

Those tights are amazing, love a patterned tight, you look great!


Aw this is so cute, love those tights!

This is so cute! Love the little shirt! x

That’s where I’m at now, blogging for less than 30 followers! Congrats on 900! Gives me hope, although your blog’s amazing! Love the tights.

Your lip colour just sets off the whole outfit, great choice! congrats on the 900 followers!

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I love this outfit so much! Congratulations on 900 readers! xx


Such cool tights! Loving the unintentional stripe pattern to! Congrats on all your readers to, its becuase your blog is so good! xx

Sweeeet outfit, love the shoes! Congrats on your followers too 🙂 you deffo deserve them. xx

Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

your shoes look like some jeffreys i saw the other day!

aw love your looks! and i just realized i was your 900th follower! i’m just getting started on here so i was looking for people to follow and your blog is gorgeous x

Aw yay!!! Thank you for following xxx

I cant get over how lush your hair is. Love the shirt and that bag… yes!!! xxx

your blog is so great! i love this look and you are so beautiful, dear :*

ps. now i’m following you!
I just starting blogging so I invite you to follow my back ;*

Violet :*

Your tights are amazing! I used to have an impressive collection of patterned tights but they all got ruined, I was so sad haha. I love this outfit, the shirt & tights go really well together xx

I get so nervous I’m going to rip them! x

Congraz!! I just followed you hehe. I love your outfit, especially your thights. They are wonderful.

Lots of love,
RJ from

I love this outfit – I have a real thing for monochrome at the moment! Patterned tights can really set off an outfit 🙂 congratulations on your readers too, I love your blog! x

Monochrome is classic! x

Love this! I have also just blogged a monochrome trend. Congrats on almost 900 followers xx