Fashion DIY #2 – Hot-fix studs & sweet buttons.

Hot-fix gun  – Josyrose
This year I have really been enjoying customising my clothes. I wrote a post a few months ago on clasp studs (you can read that here..) and this post is about hot-fixing which, is my absolute favourite method of DIY’ing my clothes. The hot fix gun you need for this is available online, I got mine from Josyrose but I have also seen them on eBay and amazon. You will also need studs/gems that are suitable for hot fix, I search ‘hot fix studs/gems’ on eBay and there is loads of choice, some are only £2 for 500, bargain!
The hot-fix gun basically heats up, you hold it over the stud/gem with the correct adapter (comes with the gun) and it melts the glue on the back of the stud which sticks it to the item you are customising (the gun gets extremely hot so you have to make sure you’re concentrating) You can stick the studs or gems to anything.. clothes, bags, shoes, photo-frames and it is highly addictive.. you will be studding absolutely everything. As you can see from below, I have been busy this weekend doing just that..
Studs and Gems – eBay
Lastly in this DIY post are some super cute Pick ‘n Mix buttons by Julie Pettitt Ceramics. Its so easy to re-fresh an old cardigan simply by taking of the buttons and replacing them with some cute buttons like these – they would look really great on a cream chunky knit jumper. I also have some mittens that have a button on, I will definitely be taking that off and replacing it with the pink gummy bears – although these are so realistic I can guarantee I will fancy sweets every time I see them! At £1 per button they are a fantastic price and great for a quirky Christmas present! You can buy them here (check out the lovely other items, I particularly like the skull pendants, of course!)
I hope you enjoyed this post, I love customising clothes so would love to make this a little more regular feature of Tiny Twisst. You can bet that most upcoming outfit posts will involve studs too, eek.
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Such a good idea! I am short for money now Christmas has come along and this is a great way to re-vamp some of my old cardigans! Where did you get the diamantes from?

Paige xo

fab DIY thanks for sharing x

This is AWESOME! I’ve always had a hankering for some DIY studs but I had no idea that it’s this easy, haha. Thank you so much for this post! 🙂


I think I will have to buy myself a hot-fix gun after reading this.
I love your blog, I have only just discovered it through thelondoner but count me as a new reader 🙂
I have recently just started my own lifestyle blog and would be SO grateful if you could have a quick look at it and let me know what u think of it 🙂
keep up the great work x

I want this hot-fix gun! You’ve done some great DIY jobs with it! Those pick n mix buttons are so cuteee! xx

I love the sound of this hot-fix gun, I’m still a little unsure how to use it but it does the job and I’m sure it’s easy to figure out! I love embellishing things and you’ve done some lovely diy’s hun!

Eda x

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this is such a cool tool! i love the diamantes, they look so nice on the shirt collar & on that lacy dress. i’d love to try this, must be a lot cheaper than buying loads of new studded clothes! xx

I love customizing my clothes too, hot fix guns are great! Great job 🙂 xx


the studding makes such a difference 🙂
lovely clothes!

This looks great, I’ve got some flatforms I want to stud and this will be perfect, is it easy to do?

Courtney x

Love these looks, I really want a hot gun now, the collars look lovely!
Daniella x

The buttons look adorable ! I though they were little marshmallows when i first saw them 🙂 I love the little studs too

Beautiful Dreams

Cute ideas. I love how you’ve done the lace top, looks very pretty. xo

The gummy bear buttons are so cute!

That looks like fun! I love studs on clothes, such a sexy trend.

Love this! I definitely want to DIY some on my stuff and it looks so easy! xx