Jacket – Glamorous*
Top – Ebay
Disco Pants – American Apparel
Shoes – Tribeca*
Lipstick – Accessorize, Passionate
A denim jacket is definitely a wardrobe staple.. they are great for any season, any occasion and lets be honest, have they ever really gone ‘out of fashion’? I have had many denim jackets over the years.. a nice faded and ripped number, a light cropped number (which was absolutely terrible) and I think at one point I might have even had a pink one. Anyway, this is a “proper” blue coloured denim, which I’m loving at the moment, it carries a bit of a retro feel with it. I’m sure you can guess what I like the most about this one though.. the studs! It has studded detailing around the front collar which adds a modern vibe, I even like the back of the studs which are flat and round – they look cool if the collar is facing the wrong way. Just a generally cool denim jacket, and as you can see it adds a touch of colour to an extremely simple, black outfit. After all, everyone loves some Disco Pants!
As you can see, I have returned to the cold depths of the outside! If i catch a horrendous cold anytime soon at least I know what is to blame. I wasn’t feeling the indoor photos much if I’m being honest, so I’m happy to be back to the proper Tiny Twisst location.. but please, hurry up summer! I also have a shiny new camera so hopefully you can notice my photos are alot sharper than before! I think my camera may well be my new best friend (is that completely sad?..)
I also have a very exciting giveaway coming up, so keep your eyes open for that post (will be up in a few days!) 

WOW…..Beautiful photos. You look amazing. Very HOT look!!! I love that look.

What is this dark plum lippy you use a lot recently? I absolutely need to try it – Not sure it’ll suit me but I love it!! xx

this outfit looks amazing!

Oh this outfit would be worth getting cold for! You look amazingggg! Legs that totally pull of disco pants. And you can’t go wrong with a wardrobe staple indeed!

Gemma x

I love the denim jacket with the heels!!
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Love your lipstick, such an amazing colour and it really suits you!
Such an amazing outfit as well. x

Such a great look! I also really like the colour of your lipstick. x

This outfit is sooo HOT! 🙂 Loving the denim jacket and those high-waisted disco pants are rad!! xo


Love the jacket,I think I had some hideous denim numbers when I was younger too (blue leopard!?)
Daniella x

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Love the colour of your lips!! & you look absolutely gorgeous as always xx

Outfit looks amazing!

I may have to purchase that lipstick now!


Really nice outfit! I love your hair too 🙂

I am now following you.

you are so beautiful! love your style <3 xx

I love your blog, your style is amazing and your so gorgeous!

So gorgeous! Ugh I want a pair of disco pants so bad!! Amazing crop top too looks great with the jacket. Just came across your blog and love it, so Im following you now love!
x Natalie

WOW you look incredible, this outfit is so amazing! I swear you pull anything and everything off?! Not fair! x

Ridiculous bout of girl crush going on right now! <3
AA disco pants were made for you lady! 🙂 oxox

Stunning! If I could wear my disco pants with my midriff out and look this good I’d be a happy bunny, I worry too much about a gut overflow hanaha. You pull of this really well, I’ve never invested in a denim jacket before. I may have to!

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Ive got the same AA disco pants and love themsoo much!They look so cool on ou!Absolutely love how they look with this crop top!Following you as I LOOOVE your style much and want more posts from you!Hope you can follow me too!kisses

I really love shoes, i think i may prefer them to the JC’s. Love your lipstick too, really suits you x

You are stunning, and i love your figure! This outfit is so perfect, very 90’s x

You look AMAZING!!
Not to mention your figure! Extremely jealous haha!

The pictures look great! love your make-up as well 🙂 xx

Love the denim jacket! You’re gorgeous, this lip colour suits you so much!

Amazing look lovely – the jacket is fabulous an dlove the disco pants with it!

Eda ♥

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great outfit, love the jacket!

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amazing outfit, but you must have been bloody freezing!

LOVE THIS ! those disco pants look amazing on you 🙂 x

Your figure is amazing! Love the denim jacket 🙂 xx