Dress – H&M
Fur Gilet – H&M
Shoes – Tribeca Shoes*
Stockings – Tights Please*
Bracelet – (old)
Lipstick – Accessorize, Infatuated

I have a realised I have developed a bit of a ‘thing’ for black fur (fake, of course!) this Autumn. I think it adds a while new feel to any outfit, a hint of class and elegance. For instance, this dress is quite short but I feel that the fur evens it out from being evening wear to acceptable day wear (maybe not with the massive heels, but you get me right?!) H&M of course are really great for providing these items at a low price and I fell in love with this gilet. The front is fake black fur and the back is a knitted material, with a simple leather belt.

Ah, so the stockings! I left them visible in one photo completely on purpose because as soon as I put them on I loved them – I felt very grown up, it must be something stockings do to you. I am sporting these stockings from Tights Please for a Style Challenge they are currently holding. Basically it is breast cancer awareness month and Tights Please are trying to raise as much money as possible for the cause, this ties in with national stockings day which is this Friday. Raising money and awareness of cancer is a cause I hold very close to my heart. I don’t usually get over-personal on here but my family and I have lost quite a few special people to cancer this year. I lost my amazing Auntie earlier in the year because of breast cancer, so whenever there is a chance to raise money or awareness of the cause I am all for it and it is so nice and refreshing that a company are trying their best to help out.

Stockings are great for people who don’t like to wear tights, us girls know that they aren’t always the most comfortable things in the world, whereas these are much easier to wear and a lot more comfortable. As you can probably tell I have quite pale skin, so whenever I wear a dress I feel like I have to smother myself in fake tan to at least make my legs look slightly alive, but with flesh coloured tights you actually don’t need to – it’s like a really quick tan and airbrush in one and it saves lots of time (as well as many sleepless nights of sticking to your bedsheets, oh fake tan, I love you so.) Tights Please have a great selection of stockings, check them out here!


Awesome Resources. Women of colour have always had trouble finding the right hosiery to suit their skin shade with skin coloured tights

Awesome Resources. Women of colour have always had trouble finding the right hosiery to suit their skin shade. Now all that is about to change

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She is absolutely gorgeous, I love her outfits as well. I think it’s great that indie clothing is making a comeback and vintage inspired pieces really help make an outfit unique.

I’m desperate to find a nice black fur gilet! x

what a great cause, so sorry to read about your auntie xx

This is such a cute dress, love how you’ve styled it.
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Love this super glamorous look! Great blog by the way!
Meganne from The Vanity Theory

love it! the gilet is my fave

Love the floral print – looks great against the black fur! x

Love your style here! The floral prints are lovely <3 And I’m your new follower now 🙂

i love your style i follow you now , if you want follow me kisses

I wouldn’t think to pair a floral short dress with a black fur vest, but I actually really like the outcome!


Those Tribecca shoes are definitely a nice touch to your outfit! Loving the look!

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love love love your stockings!! sexy! x

Love how you’ve styled the fur,you look gorgeous!:)xx

I really like your dress, it’s so pretty! I’m obsessed with faux fur too…Whoops! 😉

The Style Rawr!

P.S HOW amazing is Britney on US X Factor!?

Lovely outfit. Your newest follower. Lovely blog.

that gilet is so goregous. You look so vintage and romantic, perfect for the winter season!

Wearing tights is one of the things that puts me off skirts in winter – I’ll have to try some stockings now! Great outfit x

Gorgeous outfit, those ankle boots ROCK!


Great style post darling – you look gorgeous as always, love the faux fur gilet!
I prefer stockings to tights so much more, like you said we all know they’re not the most comfortable of things!

Eda ♥

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love this gilet! and love this lipstick on you! really pretty 🙂 x

I love this outfit, especially those gorgeous heels! I’ve never worn stockings before, I just wear skin tone tights instead. X

so so lovely! i shall raid my H&M for this vest, it’s a stunner 🙂

xx Nora

you look amazing,love your lipstick 🙂

hi dear…nice blog…❤

fantastic photoes ^^ you are so beautiful ^^
what do you think to follow each other? ❤
I’ll wait for you
kiss and have an happy day

Stockings are definitely glamorous, kind of old school glamour 🙂
Love the colour of your lipstick too & hope the tightsplease challenge goes well
Daniella x

Your SO gorgeous! In love with those booties 🙂 xxx.

your makeup looks flawless.
i love all the autumn colours.

I am in love with the floral and the fur vest. Very bold, i want to purchase one soon!

I love black fake fur too! I’m wanting a black faux fur coat, wish I could afford one haha! Your dress is so cute – I love the print. I’ve never thought of wearing tights instead of fake tanning! Great idea 🙂

Robyn Mayday

Stockings definitely make you feel more glamorous and sexy! And you look so gorgeous, flawless as ever!xx

Definitely with you on this, I’ve lost a dear family member to cancer too, and my mum had it last year. The stockings look fab, bit of old glam there. Your hair looks amazing too! x

I’ve never worn stockings, I’m always worried they’ll fall down and embarrass me haha! Did you find yours stayed up easily?
Eleanor x