Glasses – Superdry
I was one of those kids that ALWAYS wanted to be told I had to wear glasses, I was pretty disappointed when the opticians told me I had perfect vision and wouldn’t need any. Well, nowadays that’s not the case. I guess twenty or so years of being on computers (and old age ha!) has caught up with me, these days I can just about see my feet without my glasses so I don’t really have much choice. 
Luckily, I find that now there are so many choices when it comes to picking frames. A pair of glasses can make an outfit… it can make one outfit have a completely new vibe just by adding your specs and I love this. With glasses the most important thing is that you buy what suits you. There’s not much point in buying a pair of glasses that you love if they don’t suit your face shape. For instance, I really love classic Ray Bans but my face is too wide and it always looks like I nicked some sunglasses of a child – shop for your face! (good advice there Laura, real good) 
I get a lot of compliments on my glasses, on Tiny Twisst as well as in real life. These are the officer style by Superdry which I brought from Vision Express. I love how they are a classic ‘geek’ shape with a twist of being a clear plastic along the bottom – I find that this aspect softens the frame a little and they are therefore ‘not so black’ and overpowering. They are extremely comfortable and apart from the fact that I can see – I don’t even notice that I have them on!
I hope this post has given you fellow glasses wearers to enjoy your glasses, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy and pick something different. It can add a whole new dimension to your outfit and I hear they are great for your eyesight! 

Love those!

Mine are pretty similar ehhe 🙂



I’ve worn glasses since I was three and as a seasoned specs wearer, I approve!


I LOVE THESE GLASSES been looking for some like these X


I love the ombre rims on those glasses. You look super chic as usual!

xoxo, Blair


You look great with those specs!

We follow you now!

Big kiss!

Beautiful as usual! I love the glasses on you 🙂 X




loving these ! they look so good ! xx

Have seen a few glasses post this past week, and it makes me rather happy! I’m such a blind bat, and I always felt like the looooser who wear specs. I’m happy that my fave bloggers are blogging about their spectacles, i don’t feel as conscious about mine now. x

They look great on you! I kinda wish I had glasses but none of the styles i like would look right on me, so I guess I’m lucky!!

lucy xo


Part of me wishes I wore glasses so I could embrace the geek chic, these are super cute!

The Style Rawr!

Those glasses look lovely on you, they really suit you. I agree about glasses adding a different vibe to an outfit!
Daniella x


They look lovely gorgeous girl xx

I love these glasses, the “geek” style is really cool and you make them look great when i tried some on wheni had to choose a new pair i actually looked like a geek lol x


Those specs look great on you! I’m currently in the market for something similar, sort of Malcolm X style. I’ll have to have a look in Vision Express! Xx