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I feel like I want to incorporate some different posts onto my blog, before you all get bored of me and my leaves, ha! So tonight I have a nice little company post – I really love being introduced to new companies online, sometimes these companies turn into your favourite places to browse (Glamorous are an amazing example of this) I might make a regular thing of it, if you all enjoy something like this?
So, you could say that this company post is for reference to any family members, boyfriend etc that are wondering what to buy me Now, like everyone I love my costume jewellery.. cheap, stylish and if I only wear it a few times it’s not the end of the world.. but, every girl likes a bit of luxury. Sometimes you can’t beat a real diamond because it makes you feel elegant, classy and expensive. 

I absolutely love the pieces above, the bracelet caught my eye because I havent seen anything like this, I love the circle shapes and think this would look amazing on, I absolutely love bracelets like this because they are so easy to wear, great lazy jewllery – there is a great selection of bracelets. Also loved these earrings for the stunning shape, I have never had a pair of real diamond earrings (woe is me) so I probably could have picked them all as favourites. As for necklaces, I couldnt pick a favourite because there is just too much choice, the pendants are a simple and classic way to add some sparkle to any outfit – also great on holiday with a tan!
I was offered the chance to interview Anjolee, a jewellery brand with an exciting twist – customisable jewellery. I really like this idea purely for the fact that the jewellery you buy is yours, your styling and therefore unique – which is really lovely for engagement rings *cough*. You can customise the piece of jewellery in terms of carat weight, metal type, diamond quality and so on. You can read more about Anjolee here, but in the meantime, below is the questions I asked Anjolee..

What inspired anjolee as a brand?
We’ve been fine jewelry manufacturers since 1977, supplying wholesalers with our top quality products. In early 2008, we decided to launch a website for consumers to buy direct. We were inspired to provide top quality products at affordable price points. We heavily emphasize the unique customization features of our website which allows users to select the metal type, diamond carat size, quality, gemstone and length or ring size.

Where does the name Anjolee come from?
The name Anjolee was inspired by the word “jolie” in French, which means “pretty”.

What audience would you say that Anjolee targets?
Our audience is generally men and women 28-65. We have a large collection of wedding and bridal rings which appeal to couples in all stages of their relationship.

How important do you think a piece of jewelry is to women?
A piece of jewelry is very important to women because it can make you feel beautiful to have something sparkly on or something meaningful given to you by a spouse or loved one so that every time you look at it, you are reminder of their love.

How do you keep up with current trends and fashion?
 Anjolee has a dedicated model design department, with several creative designers leading the way towards cutting edge and trendy designs. Our goal is to offer something for every kind of woman on our site; vintage, modern, classic and romantic.


Hahaha *cough*
Those earrings are rather impressive, like the bracelet as well – a bit different and not too OTT xx

Now that’s some beautiful pieces, and thank you for introducing this brand!

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Wonderful jewelry!

Great blog, I’m following!


Laura! 🙂 I blogged about winning your giveaway and tinytwisst in general in my latest post 😀

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