Fall Picks of the week #5

Jumper – Lavish Alice
Trousers – Lavish Alice
Shoes – River Island
Bag – Glamorous
Lipstick – Topshop, Wicked
Rings – Dixi
I always get excited when the Winter clothes hit the shops, by the end of Summer everything seems a little same old and it is so nice to have the fresh collections in. Big chunky knits, fluffy scarves, warm hats and of course Primark PJ’s (you know you love them to!) I am especially loving the colours this season… berrys, purples, greens, golds – lovely Winter shades.
This jumper from Lavish Alice is amazing, especially for me and my obsessions at the moment *ahem* plum AND skulls. I love the skull details, very different and unique.. it adds a twist on the stud trend at the moment. These sequin trousers also from Lavish Alice are amazing and so fun. I love pushing the boundaries of fashion here and there and these are no exception to that. Yes, they are crazy but my gosh are they cool.  I’d also pair these with a black peplum and killer heels for a glam evening look – I definitely think you can wear these so many ways.
I think it is pretty obvious why I like this bag! The skull detailing is nice and subtle which makes this bag keep its class (sometimes I find bag motifs can cheapen the look a little) I think this actually looks like a really good quality to and the tan is so easy to wear, I’d say this could be worn right through winter to, dare I say it, summer.
I’m not the biggest fan of creepers but this River Island boot version really caught my eye – they are alot more subtle than creepers, maybe this is because of the boot shape rather than the shoe. I also love splash of leopard print. I have these in my online basket, sitting and waiting..! Lipstick is dark, red, vampy.. need I say more and the rings are simple and classic – something I find Dixi do very well.
So, there you go.. my Fall picks! I also made another video (my last one was a topknot tutorial) and thought I would do the Fall Tag. I really enjoy doing videos here and there, so if there is anything in particular you’d like to see (any tutorials, tags, hauls etc) then let me know in the comments and I will add them to my list! 
Now, go make a hot chocolate, get back in those PJ’s and watch a film.. ahh, my idea of Winter bliss…
Hope you all had a great Halloween and enjoyed dressing up, you can see my fancy dress post here!

love those sequined pants! Saw them on asos not long ago… but I was wondering whether they would really be comfy! xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

thanks for the comments 😉

Totally want that jumper too! <3

The Style Rawr!

I really like your blog dear!
Keep up with the good work!


Looove that jumper, it’s perfect for this season!

Lana, xo

WOW that jumper is beautiful, the colour and the skulls ahh!


love the lipstick! 😀

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love everything on here, and great video! xx

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You are so beautiful!! Great video and great blog! :))) Would you mind checking out mine and letting me know what you think please? 🙂 Will really appreciate!

loving the skull bag ! xx

loveee the Topshop lipstick!


That sweater/Jumper is soooo nice! Would look nice with some light wash skinny jeans, burgundy thick socks and boots!



My friend Alessandra and I just watched your adorable video… As I whine, “I want a cute accent!” Haha… But on a fashion-related note, I adore that camo/studded sweater. I want it!! 🙂

xoxo, Blair


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OMG, I need that jumper in my life!! It looks amazing. xx