Jumper – H&M
Dress – Primark
Shoes – New Look
Hat – M&S
Tights – Primark
Glasses – Old
Lipstick – My good ol’ Chanel, 40
Necklace – Forever21, Bracelet – New Look
One thing I like about Winter? Layering! I picked up this green jumper in my recent H&M jaunt (I swear I do shop other places too..) and loved the colour. They also had a lovely navy colour which I’m wishing I had also picked up because they are so comfortable and look great over anything, from this Primark baggy dress, to a shirt with a studded collar. For only £12.99 its an absolute bargain, again this is why I love H&M! I have been wearing my McQueen scarf a lot lately too, it is such a great wardrobe piece! I was having a bit of a lazy hair day too, hence the hat – £4 from M&S, another bargain.. really loving wearing hats at the moment which is great because it equals nice easy hair days for me!
I have been thinking about doing some videos for my youtube account lately, I’m thinking hauls and tag kind of videos. At the moment all I have on it is a video on how to do a topknot, exciting, I know! But I enjoyed filming it and it is something different I suppose! Would any of you be interested in videos if I did do a few more on my channel? I will never give up posting on my blog though, I love it too much!
Ahh so it’s Friday night again, this week has flown by! I haven’t got a pretty quiet weekend this week, which is nice. Tomorrow I have to nip into town to take some TopShop boots back (boohoo) because they didn’t look how I thought they would, the woes of online shopping – don’t you hate when that happens?! Now I need to scowl the shops for another pair, and I hate shoe shopping with a passion! Sunday I am celebrating my lovely Auntie’s birthday with some of my family, so that will be nice – can’t beat some quality family time! What are your weekend plans?! Hope you have a good one! 

I really love this outfit! great blog
Greetings from Colombia

Such a cosy and cool looking outfit 🙂

you look super cool. period.

Your outfit is gorgeous it is very fall appropreiate and the colors ate so pretty together!


The jumpers lovely, love the colour. It really suits you. I love autumn for the layering too 🙂
Daniella x

Love, love, love the layers! It’s so eclectic/edgy!! And that lipstick color looks fabulous on you!

Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Blair

love this outfit!

This is such an autumn chic look darling – I love it!
That sweater is fab – the colour is lovely!

Eda ♥

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture ♥


perfect scarf, awesome outfit! x

Love this outfit! Your lip colour is so pretty too 🙂 xx


really like this outfit ! love layering ! xx

lovely outfit
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