Jacket – River Island
Dress – Boutique
Necklace – Old
Shoes – New Look
Earrings – Primark
Firstly, sorry if you are now totally bored of seeing this jacket! I realise I only wore it a few posts ago, but I am pretty fond of it at the moment. This is just a quick snap I took because due to it being such miserable weather here I haven’t had many chances to take some decent outfit posts! I need a gazebo to stand under.. or an umbrella, I guess the latter would be easiest! So, this is the dress I wore to London Fashion Week too, and it’s becoming one of my most worn items at the moment! It’s funny because before then it literally sat in my wardrobe totally neglected for about a year! I brought it in a little dress boutique that was closing down so unfortunately you can’t buy the exact one, but it is basically a skater style dress and they are everywhere at the moment! My sister brought a great one from Primark recently!
I have lots of reviews coming for you all and I’m excited to show you some great bits and pieces! I’m having a blog-fuelled weekend this weekend as I finally have a plan-free couple of days to catch up on stuff, I’m making a few videos too – if there is any specific videos you’d like to see let me know in the comments!
I just watched the USA XFactor too, Britney was amazing – I knew she would be! I love her a tiny bit more now too and that’s saying something..

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Marcia Moran

Oh god your hair.. so so pretty! Also, I haven’t watched US X Factor yet but have heard that Britney is AMAZING. Looking forward to catching up on it x

love the coat..unfortunately i would be toooo short to be able to pull off something like that, but it looks perfect on you!
ps. love your cheekbones:)

Great jacket, I can see why you love it! Super cool outfit.


Okay. I love the grungy blown-over hair look on you!! What hair product do you use to get that much volume at the roots? I must know! I’m a bit jealous – I need to get my crazy mane to look like that! 🙂

xoxo, Blair

ahh just saw a simular jacket at another blog from another brand! I’ve got the same jacket from mango, a bit more oversized. love it so much x

Looking lovely 🙂 Looking forward to the reviews coming up!

You look fab darling, love a tweed jacket I invested in one for this autumn!
Loving Britney on X Factor USA also!

Eda ♥

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You look gorgeous, I love the jacket! I bought a dress very similar to this one in the sale at New Look yesterday 🙂 xx

This jacket is lovely, havent watched the american xfactor yet but i look forward to it 🙂

this jacket is so lush, river island are having such a good season at the moment! Mango also have a similar one! xo

perfect jacket for a/w!
i’d wear it all the time too.

I was so tempted to get that jacket! X

love the print of this jacket with the floaty dress, such a perfect combo x

Lovely outfit. Love that dress, very cute xx

I don’t think I could ever get fed up of this jacket, it’s so beautiful! & your hair is always amazing! xx

I love this jacket, looks like such a good way to pull off that kind of material, I was always stuck as I didn’t want to buy a blazer in the material as I think it’d look too structured if you get me! Thank you 🙂 you look great!
Bailey from besemtee xx