Never Be Another.

Shirt – Glamorous*
Shoes – Old
Earrings – Primark
Lipstick – Chanel, 40
Quite a simple outfit tonight but sometimes you can’t beat a bit of monochrome and of course I wore this with my favourite red lip – I’m sure you’re all very bored of this lipstick by now, but for me it is a current favourite. I am after a few plum tone lipsticks at the moment though, so the next time you see me I may be minus the Chanel red lip! Anyway, I love how simple this shirt is and how the sequin collar ‘jazzes’ it up so nicely, the collar comes up quite high so I felt the need to wear it with a massive topknot. I think this detailed collar would also look really good under a chunky knit jumper in Winter – a look I always love!
Talking of Winter, there is definitely an icey chill in the air at the moment. While it is nice and cosy in the evenings (que PJ’s and XFactor) I hate the fact it gets dark so early! I went on a small shopping outing today and the shops are quickly filling up with Winter stock, really loving all the leather and plum colours. 

The winners of my Skull Bracelet giveaway have now been picked at random. The winners are *drumroll here* @naive2 & @frowardfashion, well done girls – I will be emailing you tonight! 

I found your blog through the comments @ llymlrs, and I wanted to say that you’ve got such a beautiful face! Wow 🙂 And this outfit looks very good on you.

I LOVE This shirt, the whole outfit looks amazing on you hun 🙂

So perfect! xo


Oh wow – That collar is rad! And you’re always going on about my hair… BUT yours is ah-mazing!! Whenever you wear it down I have serious ombre envy. Just saying 🙂

xoxo, Blair

Following your blog – I just love your posts! I’d be so happy if you could check out my blog and follow me also? ^^ Have a great week lovely! x

you look amazing, thw whole look is just WAAAH *.* lovely! and heyho who cares if you wear that lipstick all the time, just do it, because it really looks stunning on you 🙂 although i think plum will look great too! (lol i sound so AL like, please don’t get me wrong!) xx

your hair looks so good in the topknot like that! Especially because of the dip-dyed ends, it looks really cool and stylish.
And I’m not bored of the red lipstick, it looks great on you! 🙂
Eleanor x

I love the shade of red lippy. Red doesnt suit my yellow skin tones but i’ve gone for the next best thing (bright hot pink!) x

Just stumbled on your blog and I think I’m in love haha. You’re adorable!

Lela London – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Blog!

You literally have the most perfect face (hope this isn’t too weird) ahah! love the outfit xx

Lovely outfit! And the red lip looks good, don’t fix what isn’t broken and all that! 🙂

Gorgeous outfit, i love monocrome 🙂 cant believe that its winter already !

Beautiful Dreams

Pretty blouse 🙂 It’s sooo cold at the moment, I hate how it gets dark so early!

The Style Rawr!

that collar is fierce!! i absolutely love it.


such a pretty outfit, the pants suit you so much ! x

love this look and also your blog! It’s so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad 😀

love this outfit, you look gorgeous xx

lovely outfit! you look super beautifula nd I love your lipstick 🙂

Love this look, the top and disco pants with the red lip look so glamorous.
Daniella x

There is something about that lipstick that makes me feel like I’ve been looking for it forever. Goodbye money, hello gorgeous Chanel No40!
I’m a new follower and I love your blog!

Such a nice chic look! 🙂 Can’t beat monochrome every now and then! xx

Such a cute look, loving the collar!!



This is beaut! x

Super cute! Love the sequin details on the collar and the pearl earrings!!

With Love From Hollywood, Kier

Fashion Addict

Yay! Thanks for doing the giveaway Laura 🙂 Lovely outfit, your bun looks awesome!

xx Veronica