Jumper – Glamorous*
Shorts – H&M
Shoes – Tribeca Shoes*
Bracelets – New Look, old & coming soon!
Lipstick – Chanel, 40
Socks – Topshop

So, I am finally feeling a little more human after my manic fashion weekend.. I am still on a fashion buzz though! It really was such a great weekend and I’m already looking forward to the next London Fashion Week. If you missed my post about it, you can read it here.

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, we seem to have been fully dipped into winter here in England. It isn’t even worthy of calling it Autumn, it’s far too cold. (I am a wimp and may be slightly exaggerating, but still..) This Glamorous sweater is perfect for the type of weather we have been ‘blessed’ with as it is literally the cosiest jumper I own. Not only is it extremely soft, cosy and comfortable but it is perfect for the military trend.. oh, and it has studs, everyone loves studs, and as you can tell.. I really like this jumper. I wore it with my leather-like shorts and studded Tribeca heels, softening them a little with frilly socks. It also looks really nice with Disco Pants or dressed a bit more casually with jeans.

The skull bracelet I’m wearing with this outfit is the same as the two I am giving away. The giveaway is now closed and I will announce the two winners in my next post, so keep an eye out for that. Also, I was recently asked to write a guest blog for e-tail webstores – I wrote a post on wearing one blazer four different ways and you can check that out here. 

I had a little ‘moment’ at the gym today.. whilst running on the treadmill my arm caught my headphone wire, pulled it out of my ipod, my ipod went flying below my feet on the treadmill and then shot off the back of it, crashing into the wall. It was very embarrassing! I’m quite surprised my ipod survived the journey too, not even a scratch and it managed to pause itself, so I didn’t even miss a second of my music. I thought you might like that story though, now you can tell me your embarrassing gym stories to make myself feel less of an idiot! Go ahead..

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Yummy sweater, you look gorgeous as always! Loving the shoes & socks combo.

The Style Rawr!

I need this camo studdes sweater !! Beautiful look !


I love this fierce piece with the spikes! Just gorgeous!
xo TJ

love the camo-leather combo ! x

great blog, i’m following you on lookbook!

I love the shoes and socks combo 🙂 Hahaa enjoyed your gym scenario…not gonna lie to ya i dont gymmm (only through fear of the unknown and prying eyes of others who will laugh at my attempts) BUT i do swim 🙂 Andddd there was a reasonably attractive life guard (slash he was probably just my age so i was drawn to a fellow youth) I tried to slither like a catwalk queen down the steps into the pool..casually slipped when i knew i had his attention, then through sheer embaresssssment stayed under the water, started swimming until i reached the end of the pool. Proceeded to die from not taking a breathe. And yeah. jsut generally looked v cool! so dont worrrrry!



Love this jumper, the studs adds a little something different! Also a big fan of the dark lippie <3 No embarrassing gym stories as yet for me, though I’m going tonight so I’ve probably jinxed myself xx

looking too darn lovely! 🙂 the lipstick caught my eye especially xx

Love the jumper! It’s so pretty- and loved the gym story. I only joined the gym a few weeks ago and as yet don’t have any stories (fingers crossed) but it’s stories like that which has stopped me even attempting the treadmill- or one my friend told me about a guy face planting on one. I haven’t been on it yet :s
Love your blog, newest follower
Daniella x

Love this outfit!! Ooh I have far too many embarrassing gym stories, I seem to turn into a total clutz when I’m at the gym! Always drop stuff/falling over/being a general idiot! I sympathise haha xx

Ooh I am liking this outfit, especially that jumper!! Oh why don’t I have unlimited money!! xx

Love this outfit, gorge jumper!

nice top..i lik d detailings!!! 🙂

wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! 🙂

Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Its OK to laugh sometime

~Boomerang Plus

Just come across your blog 🙂 Your style is lovely!

Not many people could pull this outfit off, but you absolutely rock it! Stunning! x

I love your lipstick, and your outfit is very strict looking lol! Bit scary but I love it at the same time 😀

Love this outfit, you look lovely xx

Sounds like you had the most amazing time at london fashion week. Love those shoes, I’ve seen quite a few bloggers with similar ones, they look so great.

I love the jumpr – isn’t it great when two trends (which also happen to be two of my favourites) merge?

LOVE LOVE LOVE your camo print spiked jumper. So freakin’ rad. I see I DIY in my near future. tee hee!

xx Love & Aloha

Love them shorts, and your lipstick!
An embarrassing gym story, that’s easy. I went to the gym for the first time a couple of years ago. Went on the treadmill, dropped my iPod, went to instinctively grab it, forgot I was on a moving machine so obviously I went flying off the treadmill. Which was right at the front of the gym, so everyone saw. It’s safe to say I won’t be going to the gym again. Like, ever…

Love those shoes, love that top and lipstick, everything is gorgeous! I want your hair xxx

I love this outfit, I can’t even choose a favourite part of it, I just love it all! I love how simple you’ve kept your make up too, you look flawless x

love the jumper!you look really amazing!
check my new Fall goodies:)

I love the jumper! Right on trend. And ah no! Embarrassing things always happen to me haha, at least you were ok!

Robyn Mayday

Killer outfit, I’ve fallen in love with your style!

i love love the jumper. looks amazing. check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. 🙂

That jumper is amazing! I’m not loving this weather we’re having either! x x