Update your Outfit – Cluster.

Cluster Necklaces – H&M
(Disclaimer: I am not nekkid.. I am wearing a tube top!)
This is the first post in a new blog feature I am starting here at Tiny Twisst. Lately I have been loving the fact I can update my wardrobe by using little tips and tricks, I can finally get some wear from the older and forgotten items of my wardrobe. This feature I will be showing you ways to update your outfits, ranging from DIY to accessories to the different ways you can wear an item of clothing. I am aware this has probably already been done a hundred times over (lets be honest, most things have in the blogging world nowadays!) but I thought it would be fun and a little different, so here goes.
The first post in this feature is to show you my absolute love for these statement necklaces. I picked these little gems up from H&M for £12.99 each. I wore them pretty much every evening on my holiday and they have very quickly become my most worn and absolute favourite necklaces. They brighten up any outfit in a flash – a plain black maxi becomes a powerful black maxi, a boring white vest top soon becomes interesting from the cluster of silver and a holiday tan is flattered instantly – these go with and flatter absolutely any outfit. 
I also love the gold and silver worn together, creating a modern Cleopatra cluster effect. The beads look really thick and eye catching, I also like wearing them when I have my hair in a topknot – the heaviness around the base of your neck is really flattering, it makes your neck look lovely and long.
 An instant statement piece that can flatter the plainest of outfits, looks extremely high-end and is easily available from your local H&M store! 

Those necklaces are so nice! Can imagine they go with everything! xx


love these cluster necklaces, lately H&M is selling some amazing pieces, love it!


Those necklaces are amazing! They look so good apart and together, and together they look like 1! Sometimes I layer my necklaces too and no one knows! Great post, I need to go to H&M!!


Wow, you’re right; it looks totally high-end, especially when you wear them together.


WOW the jewellery looks absolute gorgeous!!!!NIKA

Nekid loool Lovely necklaces I’m going hunting for the silver one <3


Love all these necklaces!
Great post xx

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Oh I love them! I don’t own a lot of statement jewelry, however would be willing to purchase these. They’re awesome.

That is exactly the type of necklace I have been looking for for a wedding I’m going to tomorrow…I wonder if I can get to H&M on my lunch break today…hmm. Love these teamed together, would never have thought of doing that!

allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

It looks great on you! xo

1. You’re gorgeous. Holy manoley!
2. That was a genius idea. It looks like an avant-garde necklace.

Amazing necklaces, and a lovely idea for a feature 🙂

these look great, especially on you! you are so right about your neck 😀 i’m not usually one for statement necklaces but these are really tempting 🙂

these are so cool and different, not seen them before but will definitely pick one up if i do!