Peplum Top – Topshop
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – New Look
Glasses – H&M
Ring – Boutique
Earrings – Primark

These dalmatian spotted trousers are my new favourite and another win for H&M. I instantly found the style and shape of these trousers very flattering. I really like that they have a side zip and are ankle grazer length, (folded up for the short-legged like me) this is always my favourite length for trousers. When wearing them they also feel similar to wearing leggings – super comfortable. You know what makes them even better?  The price tag of £9.99, bargain. I also picked up the famous Topshop Peplum, how have I only just brought this?! Super flattering, comfortable and great to wear for any occasion.. definitely my kind of top and again with a great price tag.. I want this in all the other colours to, loving the dark green.

I also want to talk about these shoes which, as well as the trousers and the top, I also love (it seems it was a pretty good shopping trip!) I like the idea of flat-forms.. the added height without feeling like you are wearing high heels but, whenever I tried them on I wasn’t too sure with how they looked on me, a little too clumpy, a bit strange and well, just not me. I was in New Look and spotted these black suede like pumps, the tiny flat-form heel grabbed my attention immediately, followed closely by the £12.99 price tag. They do the same thing as flat-forms.. elongate your legs a little, flatter your feet – especially when wearing skinnies.. basically everything heels do but without the hassle. I think they are a bit more girly and subtle than a thicker flat-form heel and have a nicer heel than you would find on your usual pumps (I hate flat-to-the-floor pumps, that horrible feeling of your heel bashing the concrete *eek*) Anyway, you know what? I just really love them. 


So cute! I love these trousers ! 🙂

This top is gorgeous! Definitely going to try and get one 🙂 x

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Thanks for the lovely comment, this outfit is gorgeous!

Hannah x

This is peplum done right. In theory, all peplum tops/dresses are beautiful, but the kind that you have on here is very wearable and still chic.


absolutely adore these trousers!

Those trousers are awesome, I love the print on them =D Loving them with the peplum top, such a lovely outfit!!

Love this outfit! I’m yet to try out flatforms but you look really nice in them 🙂

Gorgeous look– all pieces super cohesive!

Love your style it is so clean and fresh. Also obsessed by peplums at the moment and your black one is super chic.

You look gorgeous. I want that top in several colours!


These trousers are amazing, can’t believe they were only £9.99 too?? Look so cute on you!

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I love these trousers, I’ve been eyeing them up for a while on the internet! They look fab on you, those shoes look really cute too and sound comfy which is just what I’m after! xo

Wow, you look beautiful! I love your peplum top!!:)

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Love the trousers, will have to pick up a pair x

You look fabulous darling but do you know what is so funny I bought this exact outfit apart from I got the skirt as I didnt see the trousers. So I got that and the same Topshop peplum top – I love it as an outfit.
Love your styling lovely!

Eda ♥

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i just bought the topshop peplum top too after lusting after it for ages, it’s love! you’ve styled it amazingly too.


really pretty outfit! black and white never goes wrong 😉

I wasn’t sure when I saw these trousers on the website but the look great on you with this peplum top 🙂 xx

Love those trousers, I’m really wanting some smart but fun trousers so I think H&M will be my first stop haha. Also, you are an absolute beauty!! xx

OH my I need those trousers! You look gorgeous! 🙂


You found some great bits here and with an appealing price tag! I totally want to invest in some flatforms to! x


Wow I love this outfit. I found you through twitter.