Princess of China.

Kimono – H&M
Vest Top – New Look
Jeans – Topshop, Leigh
Necklace – M&S
Shoes – Office (sale)
Yes, another H&M item *hangs head in shame* ..what can I say, I do like my H&M. This was actually my sisters (sshh) but now we both own the exact same kimono – we may have to allocate turns to wear it out. It is pretty great having a sister you know, you get two wardrobes and in this case you can even sometimes try before you buy.. Anyway, back to the clothes. I love the bright colours, I wouldn’t normally put pink, orange and grey together but this somehow works. For some reason it reminds me of the new Coldplay and Rihanna song, hence the title. These jeans as always are my trusty Leigh style from Topshop – I have so many shades of these now, I never wear anything else. If you are like me and love jeans but hate the thick feeling denim can sometimes give then you desperately need to try a pair of these on, you will love them instantly. Go, right now!
It feels so strange to be Thursday tomorrow already, this three day week has been pretty nice! I am about to lay on my bed, candle is lit and Big Brother will be on my TV, oh and the kindle is ready for the adverts. Speaking of kindle, I am so pleased I brought one.. book recommendations very welcome! 

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wow love your blog and your style! You have amazing hair!
Newest follower 🙂 x

That kimono is very pretty. It reminds me of the turquoise one Miley Cyrus recently wore. I need to find a nice one to pick up! We don’t have an H&M in my city, but I know if we did my wallet would suffer. My closet wouldn’t though! I have a sister too, and sharing clothes with her is the best, it’s like having two closets instead of one.


I absolutely love that kimono. And I am in hair-envy of that bun you do. I CANNOT master it for the life of me.
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Lady Million

how amazing is that kimono

I love the pink and the orange combo in the print x

That Kimono looks soo lovely

Ciao!…Dear Princess of China 🙂 Love Your Look, is so Smart, so Unique, so Creative…wearing it You’re a Masterpiece of Beauty & Style!!
Complimenti per la Tua Bellezza e il Tuo Stile nel vestire!…Cheers!
Greetings from Sicily

Cute Kimono (they’re Japanese by the way, not Chinese), your hair is gorgeous! I wish I had a sister, it would make borrowing clothes much more easier!
Book recommendation: The Hunger Games!

Haha, I know, it just reminded me of the song. x

Your outfit is stylishly cool- I love it! You look stunning. X

I just found your blog and you are so pretty! I love your kimono the colours are really pretty 🙂 x

I agree! Having a sister is the best – what a lovely kimono 🙂 x

You are ridiculously gorgeous – you look like a model! Love the strong use of vibrant colour here! I recently saw Coldplay in concert and they played that song!

Care to return the follow?

Aw thank you so much – thats so sweet of you! I love that song, my friend saw Coldplay recently to and said they was amazing! x

oh my gosh.. this is gorgeous!!!!!

I’m addicted to iPhone cases.. i hope we can follow each other

Gorgeous outfit! I love your style and your blog!

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your blog is amazing!
I hope you’ll visit me and follow me if you like 🙂

I love this kimano soooo much its gorgeous and looks lovely combined with the pink top 🙂 I’m liking the sound of the jeans.. they sound comfy …may have to invest in a pair myself. xx

Love your coat. I think new H&M collection is better than ever!!

Can’t Afford Chanel Blog

looooooove your shoes, they remind me of the h&m marni ones. gutted i missed out on those!

Thank you! I know, I was so happy when I saw these in the OFFICE sale – super comfy to! x

Laura, I love that kimono top. The colors are fabulous! Oh how I wish we had an H&M store here in Hawaii.

xx Love & Aloha

Thank you! I’m sure they will branch there one day, fingers crossed! x

Beautiful Kimono ! Did you dye your hair ? I could’ve sworn your hair was darker.. haha I feel like a crazy person saying that. But you look lovely as always xx

Hey, thank you! Haha yes I did dye it, ombre’ed it for the summer.

Such a beautiful kimono! Love the colors! Your bun looks fantastic & styled with your makeup… well you’re gorgeous! xo, Megs

Thank you so much 🙂

the kimono is so beautiful. h&m did good!x

H&M always seem to at the moment! 🙂

Your so pretty!! Love the top bun and how can you help it H&M has so many wearable items! I’m having a pastel bracelets giveaway on my blog, would love for you to pass by and enter!


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Aw thank you very much! xx

Hi Laura! I’m so happy to have found your blog! You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love your style!
Count me as your newest follower/fan…
Have a beautiful day, Hun!