Fashion DIY – Studs.

Studs – Josy Rose / Ebay
Shirts – H&M
A bit of a different post today.. mostly due to the fact that it is currently chucking it down in merry ol’ England so my outside outfit shots are not going to work (well they could, but my warm house is much more appealing..)
Anyway, I have mentioned this a few times in some past posts so I thought I would try and inspire you all a little. If like me, you love studded collars at the moment (for example, the blog-famous Zara shirts) but don’t want to pay the earth – because lets face it, whenever there is a few studs stuck on an item of clothing the price seems to sky rocket, then this is a handy little do it yourself tip. The studs are pretty cheap, the ones I used were about £2.50 for 28 studs and you can pick up these shirts from H&M for £7.99. You literally put the stud through the material and bend the clasps on the back (I find using the back of a spoon the easiest way to do this) to keep them in place. Make sure you are one hundred percent though because once they are pressed through they obviously leave small holes in the material. I think filling the whole collar with studs would look amazing, I keep meaning to try and do this. I have yet to wash them, but if they did go slightly off-coloured you could just take them off and reapply new studs – it is so quick and easy to do, you’ll be studding everything you own.. trust me!
Let me know if you have tried this, or have any other DIY fashion tips in the comments – I think this may be my new Sunday hobby..

I love studding and recently posted a Dip dye DIY on my blog 🙂


Nice DIY I definitely have to try it!

See you xx

I’m trying this for the first time on a pair of denim shorts. I want to use rose gold though and can only seem to find silver and yellow gold when trawling through the Internet. Anyone know where I can get these???? Thanks! xx

Love this! Do you think the studs would go into denim material? I was hoping to put some studs on the denim jacket shown in my most recent post! Can you comment back on my blog if you think they would work on my jacket? Thanks hon, love your blog btw XX

Amazing post 🙂 great idea to DIY stud your colars they look great 🙂


great post! Thanks for sharing!

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Cool! I always wanted to try this! I think I may now 🙂

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These looks absolutely great. It’s amazing how you can completely transform a shirt with a few studs!

♥ Leigh

Mmm, yes, definitely a more pocket-efficient way to do the trend. I like it already! Though, I’ve never studded on my own – do they hold up well in the wash?

lovely! yours turned out so nice. i always manage to stab myself when studding! x

I’ve been meaning to try this for ages, I really need to get round to it, these shirts look amazing! x

Oh this is such a clever idea – I love this post. Will for sure have a go.

Sarah Betty xx

I expect to see lots of studded collars! 🙂 x

i’ve been meaning to do that for the longest time, it really peps up any outfit. i saw a DIY where you buy cheap stud earings (like from f21) that are a fun color or pattern, and you poke like 6 through on the collar. so they’re a little fancier than studs- how clever is that?

What a great idea, may have to try this to! x

Really love these tops and definitely trying this DIY soon 🙂 <3

I’m going to try this soon! I am waiting for my studs in the mail…

I just bought a pack of studs actually ! Can’t wait to stud a dress and a pair of shorts 😀

Shorts would look great!

Where is a good place to find studs? Do they sell them at normal fabric and craft stores?

I assume they would yes, but ebay are good as they sell them in bulk, or you can buy them from online shops such as (a google search brings up lots!) Hope that helped! x

I really love this DIY!
stud are my favourite this season!

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It’s so weird you posted this since I’ve literally just been talking about buying studs tomorrow haha! Going to get crafty with some denim shorts :)! I read online somewhere that ironing a strip of wonder web to the back helps any loose studs not fall out in the wash.

The strip sounds like a good idea, especially on shorts! Thanks for the tip! 🙂 x