A Million Lights.

Top – Next, £12
Shoes – New Look
Bracelet – New Look
Earrings – H&M (old)
Lipstick – Chanel, Rogue Allure Velvet, 40
It’s not very often I really venture into Next, however I randomly went in recently and spotted this top and I really liked it. I liked the colour and striped effect it has, I thought it was a little different. It is also the type of top you could wear with boyfriend jeans because it has that baggy feel and look to it, but I decided to pair it with my Disco Pants because I haven’t worn them in a while! Would also look nice tucked in a black maxi skirt, how very Olsen of me! I also picked up a lovely perfume which I might blog about soon because it smells lush and was an absolute bargain! (Excuse the squinty face in the photos – silly ol’ me forgot my sunglasses – it’s usually an umbrella I have to rememeber with this weather!)
I thought I would post tonight so the non-football fans have something to read because of course the football takes over our tv’s for the evening.. (I say this as I sit and watch it myself) Most of my best friends are male so I am very used to football and actually find that I don’t mind it that much – I would be down the pub with them but they told me to wear a waterproof jacket to protect myself from flying beer.. erm, no thank you!
Also, on a bit of a hype here, but are you reading Fifty Shades of Grey?! I am on the second book now (via my kindle) I love getting into a book so much that I can’t wait to read it and this is definitely one of those books! Christian Grey is a bit of alright to, isn’t he!? 

My daughter recommened your blog to me – loving this outfit – puts a whole new slant on that top from Next – love the look.

This is super pretty!
– Keyta x

Ahhh such a lovely simple outfit! Tried on a pair of disco pants this week so deffo gunna get them when pay day comes along. And Next don’t half have some nice pieces in lately! ANDDD I badly need to get 50 shades of grey but I’ve only just finished uni so I’m avoiding books at the moment but I know I will just succumb to the hype!

Gemma x


those pants are amazing! i’m on 50 shades of grey 🙂 also, i’m having a $50 gift card giveaway!

Cute look. Hmm. Disco pants. Didn’t know that’s what they’re called. Love them on you.

I love this look! It’s simple, chic… and I adore those pants! I’d probably wear black and grey everyday if I could 🙂

xoxo, Blair


Thank you lovely! Oh and me to, can never go wrong with black and grey! x

that top is gorge! you look lovely 🙂 xx

i need that next tee in my life – i love the books just waiting to get my hands on the 2nd x

I’m reading the 2nd at the moment.. gets even betterrr

love the outfit! I have that top as well as the dark red one, I was so surprised to see they were only £12 when I bought them!xx


I liked the red to! I know – I was suprised at the price to, can’t beat a nice bargain! x

I can safely say you made the right decision not going to the pub! I went to my local and when England scored got absolutely drenched! Was not fun! haha

That top is such a nice design! Love the mixture of greys paired with the disco pants!

Laura x

Eeeek, why do men have to throw their beers!?

Love your top! I never think to look in NEXT! Xx.

Me either, infact I never really go in!

Simple yet beautiful! Love xx

Cute and casual, with just a little pop of red, love 🙂
xo Jac

50 shades of grey annoyed me so much (the repetition!) but I was totally addicted. Think the first and third books were my faves. Felt a bit lost when I’d finished them! X

Yeah, I get what you mean but you can’t put it down! I’m in the second now.. I love him! x

I love this top and rather surprised by the fact it is from NEXT actually. Everytime I see these bloomin Disco pants I have to talk myself out of buying them I know if I see another girl looking drop dead gorgeous in them (i.e. you!) I am going to cry with envy haha!


beckys makeup

Haha aww thank you lovely 🙂 I was a bit like that and then when I brought them I kinda forgot about them for a bit! x

Such a good Next find! Usually it’s all mumsy stuff and sale rejects, I might take a venture in and see what else they have.
Lovely outfit!


Totally agree, just goes to show there can be some gems in there sometimes! x

Lovely look darling, casual chic and I want those disco pants.

So funny you should mention Fifty Shades of Grey – I just tweeted about it and the crazy hype surrounding the book, need to find out how fabulous it is although I’ve heard it’s filthy!

Eda ♥

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Thank you lovely!
It is a little rudeee at times, but the guy is to die for! haha x

Another envy-inducing outfit! Looking fab 🙂

I think i need to jump on the 50 Shades bandwagon, everyone is raving about it x

I love this, so simple but looks fab 🙂 x