Picks of the week.

Dress – Topshop
Bag – ASOS
Shoes – Topshop
Sunglasses – River Island
Bracelet – ASOS
Ring – Me & Zena

I thought I would do something a little different this evening, so here is my most wanted outfit of the week – I say weekly because if I did by month the page would be full, I like my clothes. Anyway… If you live in the UK you will be well aware that we have had non-stop rain for what feels like forever, I am seriously bored of it. I hate coats, I hate umbrellas, I HATE RAIN! So here is a little summery number to get us all ready for those lush sunny days of summer, it has to happen eventually.. right?!
This dress is just cute, I like the pattern, the colours and the length. I have been liking this length dress lately, super flattering. I was going to pair it with some vans/converse, because I think you could really so super casual with it to. 
How cool are these shoes?! They caught my eye because of how different they are, love the rope like effect, and I’m pretty sure they would go with absolutely everything.
This ring is just amazing. I am loving Me & Zena lately and have to stop myself from buying the entire website. If you like slightly different, unique pieces for a reasonable price then go check them out. This ring also opens, perfect size for a few tic tacs! The bracelet is a bit of a obbsession of mine lately – I love this type of chunky, slightly tacky bracelet – also loving spike bracelets at the moment! 
The bag reminded me of a slightly Mulberry shape, I like the structured effect of it and brown is my favourite colour, it is perfect with pretty much any outfit and any weather. This would look really cute with a casual jeans/tshirt combo to, nothing better than an effortless outfit. 

I am an Esses girl too! Love your blog. Have a look at mine you might like it x


Cute picks! Love the dress and sunnies!


Sunglasses are my fav, and the wedges would come handy too :). Nice picks.
Oh, and nice blog!


you have such a cute style
I love your pretty blog


Oh thanks for this amazing post. I don’t often like everything in a collection someone posts, but here, I definitely do. I am going to have a peek at Me and Zena now. The ring is awesome.

Sarah Betty xx

nice picks! I really like the bracelet & ring 🙂

You are very pretty 🙂 just discovered your blog and i love it 🙂



I love all these picks so much! Wish I could just have your whole wardrobe xxx

LOVE everything about this!

Heather xx

Hello from a new follower 🙂 loving your blog!! & Love the sunnies and the bag! lol

Hayley xox

ps. can totally relate to the “out of controle shopping problem”, my boyfriend says i need help lol x

Aw hello, thank you for following! Oh gosh, mine is terrible! I need shopping rehab! x

i love that bag and sunglasses! your blog is so cute, new follower 🙂 x


I love me and zena. Have their anchor necklace its so lovely I need more! X

It is a lovely brand!