Picks of the week #2

Dress – River Island
Bag – ASOS
Shoes – River Island
Sunglasses – ASOS
Bracelet – Topshop
How cute is this dress? I like that it is a bit retro (hence putting it with creams and retro styled glasses) I also love that it is a pastel blue, perfect for this Summer (when it gets here…) I think this outfit is perfect for a wedding.. right, whos getting married and where’s my invite?!
Now don’t go thinking that I would actually spend that crazy money on a bag. This is why I love doing these Picks of the week, I get to ‘window shop’ so to speak, and pick a few expensive items to pop in there, just to make your mouths water (and mine) Anyway, it is a lovely bag and I’m sure if I won the lottery tomorrow I would not hesitate, infact I’d probably have it in every colour. 
So I am having my hair ombre-fied veryy soon. I am a little nervous but my hair has been boring and brown for so long, it will be a nice change – a bit more summery to. I will most likely tweet/instagram a few photos of it before I do a proper post here, so give those a follow (links to the right) Oh and don’t forget to check out the pink Converse’s I am selling via ebay, bidding ends in 23 hours! 
I have had a little influx of followers lately and it has been lovely, thank you so much for the nice comments you girls leave me – you are all so sweet. It makes blogging so much fun to, so thank you!

I absolutely love this dress!! Planning Madrid in this Summer and it would be absolutely perfect! Wedges are lovely as well. Great find. Sally xx


I love the dress
looks so retro

I would love to get that bag too, it’s gorgeous!
I’ve wanted to ombre my hair for quite some time too. I can’t wait to see pictures of your hair because it always looks good with brown hair. Mine’s strawberry blonde so I’m iffy about it.


Such a great look, love the dress 🙂

Be Frassy

I love it all, this would make the cutest outfit!


I LOVE that Bag!!! Cute outfit!

With Love From Hollywood, Kier

Fashion Addict
Fashion Addict

LOVE this entire outfit! It is perfectly picked!!!

Heather xx

This outfit would look so pretty on you 🙂 I can see it really suiting you 🙂

Laura xoxo