Top – River Island
Shoes – Converse
Bracelet – New Look
Ring – Puzzle Ring
Every now and then (actually, pretty much all the time..) you have to just go a bit comfy. I love easy tops like this and actually spend a lot of my time wearing this type of outfit. This Mcqueen scarf started off my skull-scarf obsession and I now have a little box in my wardrobe dedicated to them.. I probably shouldn’t tell everyone that though. (Hash tag loser?) 
I have had these converse’s for absolute years to; since I was roughly 16, which is quite a while ago.. *so old* ha. I brought these whilst in America and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find them in the UK at one point. I remember those days well.. wearing extremely baggy jeans, browsing piercing sites (still want my ear pierced a few more times, hurts more when you are older though!) and wanting to be just like a certain Ms. Lavigne.. oh how times have changed.
I am so happy it is the weekend. What have you all been up to? I went shopping today but was pretty good, I only brought a fewww things – including this comfy hoody from Topshop, love peach at the moment! Oh and now The Voice is on, who we all backing then? I’m liking this Vince guy.

This is such a lovely outfit! It´s very casual, but still, i like it alot! 🙂

Love your makeup 🙂

/MsSophie from Sweden

I adore this outfit! It’s relaxed, but just so chic! The scarf is perfect! Love the little skulls! xo, Megs

Love the scarf! <3



I love this, I do it a lot (grey or white tshirt, converse, black pants). The scarf just sends me over the roof, I have a fake one, unfortunately can’t afford the real thing. Looking great! Kisses

Love this outfit, you look gorgeous! xx

The Londoner

love the scarf! I have an Alexander McQueen skull scarf in white, with black skulls. I want one in every color.
What lip color is that? It looks great on you!


This is an exact outfit I would’ve worn when I was a teenager…and also today 🙂 My chuck’s however have been retired due to constant wear and tear 🙁
xo Jac

Such a great post. I love your style… great inspiration 🙂


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Great look! Comfy and cool!!!
I’m your new follower!

The bit about when you were 16 was like reading about myself, I was exactly the same ha ha! I love converse though, I wish I could get them in every colour but I’ve managed to stick to just two so far 🙂 xx

You look lovely, sometimes it’s best just to stay comfy on a weekend! Although you do comfy far better than I, I’m currently in an old uni hoody and QUATERLENGTHJOGGERS -oh yes.


love this outfit- tee is so slouchy and cool and OMG YOUR SCARF?! amazing! I just settled for the Primark version:( I’m liking the bracelet too:)xo

The Primark versions are amazing, I have a few myself! This was a gift, so I only opt for the cheapy versions 🙂 haha

I love this outfit 🙂 It’s furthered my urge to get converse too haha!

Laura xoxo

Converse are a must have! I like Vans to! x

so casual but comfortable and the scarf makes it.