White Nights.

Blazer – H&M
Dress – Primark
Bag – Ebay, Rocco
Earrings – H&M
Found this little beauty in Primarni recently, loving the Aztec/patterned trend at the moment so thought this was perfect for that! To be fair, my Mum actually picked it out for me – I wasn’t all that sure until I tried it on. It is a little short though, god forbid I drop anything whilst wearing it! Primark haven’t been so great lately, I feel I can get something of better quality for a very similar price in H&M these days. But then I am bias, I love some H&M!
So, Sugarhut! Was interesting to say the least! Anyone in the UK knows how much rain we have had lately and last night was no exception. Let me just say that spending the afternoon in rollers was a complete waste of time, by the end of the night I did resemble a drowned rat (with very sore feet!) and the hair was completely unsaveable by about 11pm.. I did TRY to save it, but with only two mirrors in a bathroom full of essex girls, that wasn’t going to happen.
 Anyway, Sugarhut itself was so nicely decorated – this sounds great doesn’t it, go to Sugarhut and look at the decor! What I mean is that it was tasteful and pretty to look at. It was obviously SO busy, the dance floor was rammed, if you can’t dance it doesn’t matter because you can’t do anything but sway with the crowds anyway. Everyone was really dressed up though, blazers, dresses – it was smart, I liked that.
In the end we gave up on the dancing and found a nice seating area where we proceeded to take photos and pretend to be Irish. However, this did get us into the VIP area so like they say.. luck of the Irish. Good times. 
Thank you to those of you who helped me make my outfit choice via Twitter! I went with this grey low back dress (River Island)  and some new wedges – they hurt, my feet are still sore! (More photos on my instagram!)

as if that dress is from primark?!
it’s awesome and i love your hair
– ordaining serendipity

Your hair is so perfect! How do you do it?
Plus, I would never guess that dress was from Primark! (:

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you are really pretty! xx

waaaah amazing dress you look incredible 🙂


When did you get this dress? You’re really pretty and so skinny! Any diet advice?
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hello, Very cool look! the dress is fantastic!

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This dress looks perfect on you. I’m also a fan of your hair!

You are so beautiful!!!!!LOve your hair and I’m glad you had so much fun 🙂
I’m following you, return love back? 🙂

I just stumbled across your blog today & I’m your newest follower! I love that dress! It’s aztec/tribal print but with pastels! Perfect for spring. Wish we had Primark over here in Cali! Also love how you styled your hair 🙂

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that dress is gorge – i need to head on over to primark x

What a great find!
xo Jac

Gorgeous outfit, I love the dress! Beautiful blog you have here 🙂 x

you are SO pretty! =) great look. you have wonderful style.

wow i wish my mom picked out cute things like that for me. i love that dress, that pattern is so eye catching and perfect for summer with it’s colors. sounds like you had an amazing weekend- i kinda wish i didn’t stay in watching movies the whole time haha!

My Mum always does! She is my personal shopper ;P haha x

This is so pretty! What a fab dress 😀

Gorgeous, I love your dress, I wish I could wear shift dresses, they just look awful on me 🙂

I can’t believe that this dress and the pink jeans in your last post are from both primark- they’re gorgeous!:) love your blog so much, only just found it!xo

Hello pretty lady! You look gorgeous! Really love your hair, after many failed attempts I’ve still never quite mastered the perfect top knot, you totally put me to shame!xxx

i love that dress..was surprised to see it was from primark it looks lovely 🙂 xx

Just want to stop and say Hi!
I’ve just discovered your blog and I think it’s so lovely…
Keep it going

<3 Michelle

Jeeeeeze, however it’s portrayed on tv, I will forever call it slut hut! Glad to hear you had a good time, minus the rain. I’ve been meaning to go for a while, just getting a group together to justify the ridiculous prices of taxis is easier said than done (I live just outside of Chelmsford). One day!

We got a party bus there as it was for someones birthday, so didnt have to worry about taxis! 🙂 x

Your dress is amazing!Love it <3

You’re really beautiful. I love this print dress.

xo Joana

Cannot believe this dress is from Primark! Looks so expensive! Also super jealous of you hitting Sugarhut!! xxx

I know! Fab quality from Primark 🙂