Pale Pink Flower.

Blazer – H&M
Top – New Look
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Miss Selfridge
Bag – Ebay
Necklace – Primark

I brought this T-shirt recently from New look, for £7.99 I thought it was a nice bargain. As you can see I paired it with my casual blazer and dark Zara jeans. The bag is from Ebay, I would list the seller but I had a bit of a nightmare, when I got it the front of the bag had a few nice black marks and the longer strap doesn’t attach to the buttons inside. The seller sorted it eventually but to begin with offered me a £2 compensation.. *sigh*

So I am off to Liverpool with some friends tomorrow! I can’t believe I thought we would be hitting the beer gardens – it is chucking it down, and will be all weekend apparently. I have doubled up the fake tan (which I will post about soon!) as I am attempting to wear shorts, however I do have the Disco Pants packed, just in case. I will post some photos when I am back – I will probably update my Twitter & instagram during the weekend to, so make sure you follow those to see some nice drunken photos! (Links to the right)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

I dont know how ive onlyjust stumbled upon your blog but im glad i did! The definition of a fashion blog and love your posts! Just voted for you too, keep it up 🙂

i love how you look so different in all of your different posts. you can tell you have fun with it, that’s what fashion is about in my book! recently discovered your blog and it’s fast becoming one of my favs 🙂

What a lovely comment, thank you so much! I do enjoy it alottt 🙂 xxx

love your outfit so much! I hope you got your necklace recently as I really want one like that, but don’t want to pay loads for it! hope you had a lush time in Liverpool!xxx

Thank you! Yess it was recent, think they still have them in there! 🙂

the bag is lovely – so annoying that it was bad quality! 🙁 x

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog missus! You say I’m Stunning but look at you .. Gorgeous! I love the ebay bag just a shame about the dodgy seller! Have a great weekend! Xx.

No problem! Thank you, very sweet! 🙂 x

The blazer looks really nice on you, and the necklace is gorgeous.

Sarah Betty xx

I love your blazer, so elegant and gorgeous necklace <3

I bloody love your blog, and your hair, and your clothes… 😉 x

Such a lovely post: these shoots are great!
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I love all them outfit posts:) now following you sweet!


your shoes are the cutest! love this look to bits xxx

Love this look, the blazer is lovely 🙂
Eek, that’s why I’m so hesitant with Ebay, you really never know…
Have fun in Liverpool!