One-Eighty By Summer.

Top – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Vintage
Bag – River Island
Arm Braclet – Can’t remember! Eeeek!
Glasses – Superdry (via vision Express)
Lipstick – Chanel, Rogue Allure Velvet, 40

I feel like I start every blog with a weather report, but it’s sunny today and that makes me happy. So yeah, today’s outfit? Another collar, can’t help it, I love them. I got this top quite a while ago and it is super soft, feels like I’m wearing my PJ top, ha. Paired it with my trusty sand coloured jeans and a red lip. My Auntie gave me these shoes, so lucky that they are too big for her. They are super old and have been passed down which makes me love them even more.

I have a week off this week and I’m going to admit it.. I’m kind of bored! I have realised that when I am working I always think about a day watching the tv on my sofa, but when it comes to it I’m not all that good at it. I’m going to Liverpool the week after next for a weekend with my friends so I am trying to save for wine (ha) so cutting down on the shopping (I’m trying, honest) What is your favourite day off activity that doesn’t cost much? (Shopping is a banned answer!)

I also never know wether to post beauty bits on this blog anymore. Would you guys rather it posted here altogether or on a seperate blog?

i love your hair color! which hair dye do you use? xx

Thank you! I use CASTINGS (which is amazing!) I will be doing a post on these soon so watch out for it! x

I loooooove your outfit!
it’s really just a great combination.


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Just came across your blog, and i have to say i’ve been reading it now for about half an hour! I love your sense of style, and especially this outfit!

Aw thank you so much, thats lovely 🙂 x

Great outfit! Love the match of that top and pants. Geeky comfy yet so chic.

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really lovely photos and great casual outfit! i know exactly what you mean about busy and lazy days. i too always dream of what i could do with just a full 24 hours to myself with no obligation but somehow when a day (or whole weekend like this past weekend) rolls around where i can do so, i just feel guilty and unproductive! about the beauty bits, you could always try to start out with a 2nd blog all together and if it does not work just incorporate it back into this blog!

<3 rae

It is typical isnt it! Thank yu, I might do that 🙂

You look so pretty, you remind me of Laura Whitmore! x

thank you! I have had that before, face shape I think! 🙂

i love your hair, it looks so sleek 🙂

These jeans are so easy to wear! 🙂

Love your outfit! I’m wearing similar Republic jeans today :D! Good luck with saving, I’m the worst with my finances so I have no tips haha!!

Love J

How pretty are you. Your eyes match your shirt, however creepy that sounds haha!

Haha, superb co-ordination! x