Details In The Fabric.

Jumper – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop, Leigh Jeans
Shoes – Linzi
Lipstick – MAC, Up the Amp

A nice neutral, slouchy jumper is essential.. well, thats what I told myself when I was buying this anyway. This is a pretty simple outfit but sometimes you just want a comfortable day, right? I also love these jeans, they are the LEIGH jeans by Topshop. I have them in pretty much every colour (except the newest bright ones – I’m onto those soon though!) They are similar to jeggings I suppose, but more jean-like, e.g no having to wear a long top like you do with leggings! If you havent tried these, you should.

I got back from Liverpool late last night. It was so good – the shopping was amazing! I wish I had longer there as one day and night wasn’t enough really. I wore a sleeveless neon orange shirt blouse with leather H&M shorts on our night out and I actually froze, tut tut! I have also never seen so many 70s, 80s and 90s themed bars in all my life. We also watched the Sea Odyssey Puppet parade from our hotel Saturday morning which was amazing! (Pictures on my instagram feed – link to the right)

Listening to some Jason Mraz tonight, especially his new album. You can’t beat a bit of Mraz for a chill out evening. Hope you all had a great weekend, what did you get up to? 

So envious of this outfit, especially the shoes! xoxo

You’re gorgeous! Those pants are amazing.


This outfit looks so relaxing…I love your jumper.

xo erica

Love the outfit! & I seriously need that lip color for my kit :0 Following xx



It is one of my favourite lipsticks! A must have x

i really like your lipstick and jeans

Those jeans look incredible on you, love this shade! xx

I really want to try these jeans but I don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze my legs into them! They look so great on you though! Glad you had fun in Liverpool : )


Give them a try! You will be suprised how comfy they are 🙂 Thank you! x

I have a comfortable&simple outfit day everyday, haha! And yes, slouchy jumper IS an essential!

Haha, comfortable is the way forward! x

love those jeans! you look so comfortable and i love that


Can’t beat comfortable! 🙂

Loving the wedges… looks great with the pop of your lipstick x

Great pictures!! I love it!!!

Love Leigh jeans! I live in mine all the time haha. Can’t beat a good slouchy jumper, I wear this sort of combination with jeans (esp leigh!) all the time.
You look lovely 🙂 x

Can’t beat Leigh jeans!!! x

Love the colours in this, your lipstick is gorgeous!

You look so gorgeous, love your light-coloured outfit and your lipstick!

xo Joana

Love this look. I’m a total freak and hate the feel of skinny jeans, but I want to start wearing things like this all the time. You look lovely 🙂


If you hate skinny jeans I can guarantee you will like the feel of these Leigh jeans – I hate skinny jeans to, but these are so comfy! x

Just found your blog on #bbloggers! You have such lovely hair and the quality of your pictures is great! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog –

Aw thankyou, glad you like! 🙂 x

I lovvvve your hair, do you have a post of just a ‘hair post’ lol did that make sense? haha, it’s just I want short hair and have had it longggg for ages and wanting a change. It really suits you.

Aahhh slouchy jumpers are a must have! & pairing with wedges 😉


Aw thankyou!! I have a hair post coming up, so keep an eye out! 🙂 x

I love slouchy jumpers, they’re such a good thing to own 🙂
I love how you have put them with your heels, it looks so lovely 🙂
Gotta love a bit of Jason Mraz 🙂
Have a lovely week 🙂

Laura xoxo

Slouchy jumpers are the best! Can’t beat them. Have a lovely week to you to! xx

Love the outfit, so minimalist but cute- lovely! xxx