If you’ve ever happened to wonder what it would look like to see a girl wearing a ball gown carry twenty helium balloons whilst battling gail force winds, then this post is perfect for you..


There’s something about the smell of orange that just makes me feel… awake.

No time to be shy

I visited the Clothes Show last weekend and had such a crazy, fun time. I had 5 on-stage hair tutorials infront of an audience and completely live, wow. You guys know I love to help you out, so I put…


I could never get bored of Norwegian landscapes, every road leads to another beautiful spot…

Where the wild things are

One day, in cold conditions and deep in the depths of the woods… stands a girl with a pretty dress & a few smoke bombs..

Ways to Smile

In this day and age it’s pretty easy to get down in the dumps. We have such busy lifestyles, so much stress and of course the pressure of social media. So, with this in mind I thought I’d put together…


Usually if I found myself standing in the middle of nowhere wearing a red dress, in 7″ heels whilst battling strong winds, I’d imagine what people watching me would think. But on this day, in the depths of Norway, it didn’t even…


I get to do some crazy things in my little blog bubble, and this was one of those ‘things’! Live vlogging in a busy shopping centre? Sure.. why not?!


Hello London, hello grey outfit. There’s something magical about London in Winter – usually the bloggers hanging around on streets and sitting infront of shutters, but hey.. it’s all part of the job! 😉


Oh Autumn, how you inspire me with dashes of khaki, blushes of berry and a dollop of black..


There’s a lot of social media negativity floating around the internet this week, and well.. I have a few things to say about it. I need to be honest with you guys, are you ready?…


Now, I don’t tend to visit the hairdressers too much. I like my hair easy to manage and long, which currently means I probably need a dye job/cut once a year (not even joking..) Until last month, when it all…