The moment you have a wedding to plan, it becomes everything you think about, it even beats cake…


Weddings. As you might know, once you start you begin wedding planning, you eat, breathe, talk and literally dream it. Infact, last night I dreamt I got married in a car park – not quite what I had in mind! It is amazing how many little details you have to consider, and this is definitely not something I ever considered before my “getting married” days. I’m not complaining though, it’s the little touches I find the most fun…

Cutlery being one of those little, but important things. There are many different ways you can go about your wedding cutlery and for me, the Vera Wang Wedgwood range is perfection quite literally served on a plate. All collections ooze elegance and sophistication, with simple designs and classic prints. In this blog post I’ve featured my favourite pieces from the Grosgrain, Sequin and With Love Noir collections. As you can see from the photos, all collections mix perfectly well together too, so don’t worry – you don’t need to pick just one.

It’s definitely a lot more popular for an afternoon tea inspired wedding breakfast now, this is most apparant when you browse through Pinterest. I love the idea of having piles of cupcakes, donuts all covered in icing sugar and delicate flowers. This option is also brilliant for those on a tighter budget.

However, some venues include a sit down meal for your guests in the pricing. For this option it’s great to have little quirky touches on your table decoration (more on that later…) and cutlery is a perfect way to achieve this.

This post is in collaboration with Vera Wang Wedgewood, and I have to thank them for allowing me to work on such an amazing project. Photographing donuts on a Monday was just perfection. So, let’s eat…

Cutting the cake

A really nice way to inject some of your personality and style into your big day is by using your own cake knife and slice. I absolutely love this design from the Grosgrain range – the delicate polkadots give it a quirky feel and the line details keep it elegant. Remember that you will forever be looking back at those special ‘cutting the cake’ photos, so it’s nice to personalise this moment.

Summer Berries

If a cake isn’t something you want to spend too much on, there are cheaper ways, trust me. For instance, this cake is covered in icing sugar and strawberries and it definitely already has that beautiful rustic Summer wedding vibe about it. You can pick up cakes from your local supermarket and dress them up to look as special as you want.

Put it on your plate

I absolutely adore this set of china. The plates in this collection work perfectly together and all compliment the style in a wonderfully simplistic way. This range was inspired by the subtle romantic touches that Vera Wang uses to trim her famous bridal gowns. Each piece is decorated with border trims which is reminiscent of delicate needle lace. It’s completely graceful, elegant and for that, I love it.

Tea Party Tricks

If you fancy a theme for your big day, a tea party is perfect. I love the idea of a Summer buffet, with food piled on these Grosgrain plates. It is the little touches that are noticed the most, and just imagine looking back over your big day – I can picture every social media addict popping this photo up on their instagram, that’s for sure.

A cup of tea?

Isn’t this just a glorious cup of tea? I wish mine came covered in petals every day, that’s for sure. How very British of us. Tea can join a nation, make peace and solve wars (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration..) but it does pretty well at most things. Tea at a wedding is a must, after your meal it gives everyone a chance to mingle, chill out and of course – talk! I just love how beautiful these little tea cups are, and of course, how British they look.

For a fancy idea, how about a table of teacups filled with sweets, surrounded in petals instead? I love this idea and think it brings a really fun feel to any wedding table decoration. It’s quite a modern, unique take on table favours – it’s nice to be different, after all!

Special wedding touches

Can we all just appreciate these amazing napkin holders? I love how each one has it’s own pattern and is slightly different from the rest. They come in a pack of four, and I felt this was just a lovely touch.

So, as you can see, I may have altered how I’d use these napkin holders. I really like the idea of placing these on your table with a different flower poking out of each. It gives your table personality, and you could even cater each different flower to each guest. Again, this is another different, quirky take on table favours, but definitely something that most people won’t be expecting.


Obviously, a nice glass of champagne wouldn’t go a miss, and it’s even better served in something beautiful. I love the glassware in these collections. The first being With Love Noir. It has a very grown up, sophisticated feel to it and I adore the delicate silver detailing. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the mirrored bottoms, such a lovely touch.

The Sequin range is my personal favourite, it’s understated yet has an element of charm and glitz, which is perfect if you ask me. I filled mine with crystal, because well.. it just deserved it. Then we have the elegant Grosgrain Flute, with a gold rim and glass detailing. Even if you don’t feel like you want to buy too many of these, they can provide a special, personalised toast between you and your Bridesmaids, of parents – creating a special and memorable moment.

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Vera Wang, acclaimed authority for bridal elegance, is truly an icon. Synonymous with a modern approach to classic style, at the heart of her design is an understanding of tradition and beauty, mixed with a contemporary edge. To view the collection, click here.