Spirit of the night

The little black dress is a wardrobe piece you can always rely on, no matter what…


The LBD. A classic wardrobe piece that you can rely on, for any occasion. This one however is a little different – with a beautiful leather & crystal incrusted waist details, a high-thigh split and cut outs, it is definitely my all time favourite. I remember back in my late teens I would go out every weekend and wear my heels and all my dresses on a regular basis, but now it’s a little different (mainly because I can’t handle hangovers!) Because of this when I do make the effort and dress up to go out I like to have fun with my outfits. Sure, a black dress is pretty average in terms of fun, but with it’s pretty detailing, yellow heels and a purple pop from my lipstick, I think this one has worked a treat.

I am also completely in awe of this suede jacket. A beautiful shade of grey (no jokes please…) and covered in tassels, which give it a slight cool-country feel. I think of this jacket as I do my leather pieces; something I can wear time and time again, no matter what the occassion, weather or outfit. Not only that, it will get better with age which is more than I can say for myself! (ha!)

Then we have the shoes. Oh, the shoes. Platforms, check, textured prints, check & a beautiful array of yellow tones, check! I love the colour of these heels, perfect with an all black outfit – just to add a pop of colour. They also incorporate grey and black, which is another reason why I feel they work so well with this outfit. Lastly, they are the perfect height to give your legs the most amazing shape.

So, a night shoot hey?! We nipped out late one evening last week to shoot these photos, it was a creepy foggy evening full of frost and iced air. The fog made the car park lights shine brighter than usual and even though I was very (very very) cold, it was so much fun getting these shots.


Photography – chris@alotofbradshaw.com

See below for a few black dress alternatives. A black dress never dates so you can keep it in your wardrobe and wear this baby forever. I always say a black dress is like a pair of jeans, it might take some searching but eventually you’ll find one you feel amazing in. Of course, just because you only need one LDB, it means you can buy new shoes and accessories when you want a little outfit freshen up.. that’s how it works with staple pieces, don’t you know 😉